Confident to go anywhere in the innings- Sanju Samson | Cricket

Chennai: Malayalam cricketer Sanju Samson says he has been trying to play in different roles for the past few years. Sanju Samson told news agency PTI that he is confident to bat at any position in the team. Sanju had come to Chennai for the match against the New Zealand A team. Sanju Samson is the captain of the team.

“He has been trying to play in different roles and positions for a few years. I am confident to play in any position in the batting order. Can’t stay in one position. I can’t tell people I’m an opener or a finisher. Trying to shine in several positions has also changed my playing style” – explained Sanju Samson.

“Finding a place in the Indian team is challenging. There is competition within the team members. When that happens it is important to pay attention to my performance. I am satisfied with my current performance. More changes need to be made. The performance of Indian teammates is unbelievable. It will help every player to improve their level. He tries to perform well whenever he gets the chance. Sanju Samson responded.

English Summary: You can’t tell people “I’m an opener or I’m a finisher”: Samson

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