confirm! ‘Nico Vocuka’ escapes FOREX 3D arrest warrant, police rush to find him back

The Ministry of Justice confirms that Nico Vokuca escaped from an arrest warrant FOREX 3D Police rushed to return from Austria further prosecution

Police Lieutenant Thanakrit Chitraareerat Secretary to the Minister of Justice has revealed the progress of the case FOREX 3D The case confirmed that Nick Nico Vokuca former husband of an actress Joy Patcharee actually escape And the authorities are following the process of return and further prosecution.

Police Lieutenant Thanakrit said that the person in lot 19, which is the same lot as actress Pinky Savika, actually has 21 people and one of them has fled the country and that is Nico Voku.

Anyway Nico Vokuca It was said in a report on the stream in the tape that Krating Khunnarong and Bal Kamman Klomkaew said that Niko is currently in Austria.

for Nick Nico Vogueka He used to act as a host of a famous show. Strawberry Cake He is of half-French-Luxembourg descent. Before marrying Joy Phatcharee Thapthong and moving to Austria Joy is currently pregnant with her second heir.

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