Confirmed “The Witch and That Guest at the Last Time” animation with the fat witch | 4 Gamers

The cartoonist Nishi Yoshiyuki who once wrote “Magic Law Firm” will launch an adaptation of the doujinshi series “The Witch and That Guest” (魔女は which ends その客と), the production team and the release date has been decided.

“The Witch and That Guest at the Last Time” was written by Xi Yizhi in 2019Going to sea based on personal interestdrawn caricature of an adult. Monjakawa describes the witch in training because she can’t tell white lies to customers, and the fortune telling shop they run is empty. However, through a certain sorcery from Wenzichuan, the young Leo became a customer after successfully finding the lost property, and fell in love with Wenzichuan, and finally could not help but touch the other person’s body.. .

The electronic version of “The Witch and That Guest Together” can be purchased at FANZA.


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