‘Confirming Corona 19’ BLACKPINK Jisoo, absent from Japanese concert “Hearts are together”

The group BLACKPINK Jisoo expressed regret for not attending the concert in Osaka, Japan due to the confirmation of Corona 19.

On the 3rd, Jisoo said on her SNS, ‘Hello, I’m Jisoo!’ in Japanese, and then said, ‘I’ve been waiting for a chance to meet Blinks in Osaka for the first time for about 3 years. But I am sorry and sad to greet everyone like this.”

Jisoo promised, “I will definitely visit and say hello to the fans who said, ‘Let’s meet in Osaka’ at the last autograph session, but it hurts my heart that I can’t keep my promise. Still, I hope you don’t forget that you are always with Blink.”

He also said, “Even if I can’t be with you, please be a great support and strength for the members (Jennie, Lisa, Rosé) who will do their best to perform on stage.” I will get well soon and see you again in good condition. Thank you for always encouraging me and I love you.”

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Along with this, Jisoo said, “I miss the birthday party we spent together,” and uploaded a photo of a birthday party she had with Japanese fans in the past, expressing regret, longing, longing , and unchanging affection all at once to soothe the fans.

Meanwhile, on the 30th of last month, Jisoo had symptoms of a mild cold, so he conducted a self-test for the new coronavirus (COVID-19 / Corona 19) and confirmed that it was negative, but it was confirmed finally on the 2nd. Accordingly, the ‘BORN PINK’ world tour held in Osaka, Japan on the 3rd and 4th will not be attended.

Cho Yeongyeong, Reporter at Enternews Team (Content Business Headquarters)


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