Congratulations to Khun Teerawat, the New Millionaire from Udon Thani Thanks to Hongthong Online Lottery!

Congratulations to Udon Thani’s newest millionaire, Khun Teerawat!

In a stroke of incredible luck, Khun Teerawat secured the coveted 1st prize in the Hongthong online lottery by purchasing a ticket at the very last minute. His reward? An astonishing 6 million baht!

Khun Teerawat, a skilled glass maker, had been diligently playing the lottery for quite some time, always sticking with his trusted number 53. His persistence and belief in the numbers paid off handsomely, turning him into an overnight wealthy individual., the platform where Khun Teerawat purchased his ticket, is renowned for its generous prizes. The online lottery provider is proud to provide customers with opportunities to change their lives, and this 6 million baht jackpot is undoubtedly a life-changer for Khun Teerawat.

Luckily, anyone can try their luck with’s online lottery. Accessible through their blue panel on the website, participants have a chance to win phenomenal prizes. Excitingly, the winner of this grand prize was able to share their joy through the brand’s Facebook Fanpage, showcasing the true success that the platform brings.

The winning ticket that granted Khun Teerawat his millionaire status was number 260453. It’s a testament to the possibilities that Hongthong.COM offers, making dreams come true with every draw.

To verify his incredible luck, Khun Teerawat provided the money transfer slip, confirming his well-deserved victory. There is now no doubt that he triumphed as the 1st prize winner in this remarkable raffle conducted by Hong Thong.

Congratulations to the new millionaire, Khun Teerawat, from Udon Thani! This raffle is very lucky Buy at the last minute with Hongthong online lottery, win the 1st prize, receive 6 million baht.

Udon Thani new millionaire Buy at the last minute in Hongthong I like the old number 53, which I bought for many installments. gives customers the 1st prize

Hongthong lottery online Award of 6 million baht Congratulations to the new millionaire, Khun Teerawat, a glass maker from Udon Thani. Buy with Hongthong almost every draw

Open your luck for luck when online lottery blue panel Proceed to share prizes through Facebook Fanpage. The lucky winner won the government lottery. 1st prize, number 260453, worth 6 million baht. Very lucky with Hongthong.COM .

won the 1st prize in the amount of 1 ticket with the latest draw from Hong Thong

bring the money transfer slip Confirmed to be true, of course, the 1st prize with Hong Thong won this raffle.

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