Congratulations to the new empress A girl’s life changed overnight she won the lottery, 1st prize, she received a bunch of 30 million

The extremely lucky girl won the 1st prize for the draw on April 1, 2023, in the amount of 5 tickets, becoming a 30 million rich woman.

After the Government Lottery Office Government lottery results for 1 April 2023 by 1st prize number 087907, 3 page numbers, 111 914, the last 3 digits are 290 698 and the last 2 digits are 99.

Facebook fan page Chonburi Hot Report News posted a photo of a lucky woman who won the 1st prize for the draw on April 1, 2023, totaling 30 million baht.

A lucky woman who won the 1st prize, 5 tickets, total prize money of 30 million baht, in Bo Win, Chonburi Province, is pictured holding the 1st prize lottery number 087907 in a set of 5 tickets for the April 1 draw .66 with satisfied smile

However, after that post was published Many people came to congratulate as well. With one netizen coming in and saying that the lucky girl is actually from Trat province


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