Congress expels Mambaram Divakaran congress leader mambaram divakaran expelled from party

KPCC general secretary TU Radhakrishnan said the action was taken for breach of party discipline.

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Nov 28, 2021, 2:22 PM IST

Kannur: Congress expels Mambaram Divakaran, chairman and Congress leader of Thalassery Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital. The action is for breach of party discipline. An alternative panel led by Mambaram Divakaran is contesting against the official panel of the Congress approved by the Kannur DCC in connection with the election of the Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital Society. KPCC general secretary TU Radhakrishnan has said that incumbent Mambaram Divakaran, who is contesting from an alternative panel in defiance of the party leadership, has committed a “grave breach of discipline” and will be expelled from the party.

Member Constituency Congress Committee President KK Prasad has been removed from his post. The action was taken after Mambaram worked for Divakaran. DCC General Secretary Ponnambath Chandran has been given temporary charge.

‘K Sudhakaran must show maturity’; Congress leader Mambaram Divakaran openly attacked

Incumbent KPCC president K Sudhakaran and Mambaram Divakaran had earlier clashed in public. Divakaran had expressed dissatisfaction with the Congress leadership for making Sudhakaran the Congress president. Sudhakaran and Mambaram Divakaran clashed over the Brennan College controversy. Divakaran’s response to Brennan’s controversy after he became KPCC president was that K Sudhakaran should show maturity. Sudhakaran’s statement that he did not know whether Mambaram Divakaran was inside or outside the Congress was also controversial in the press conference held after he took over as the Congress president. Some statements made by Mambaram Divakaran against Sudhakaran were also used as a weapon by the opposition.

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