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The new Honda Civic Type R is believed to have the speed to be called the fastest front-wheel drive model, just like its predecessors. Considerable consideration has been given to the driving environment so that the driver can take full advantage of the car’s high capabilities.

Front seats specially designed for the Type R

With the exception of the seats and carpets, which are painted in bright red to bring out the Type R’s overwhelming performance, the interior uses black shades like polarizing paint to prevent reflections, creating an environment where you can focus on driving . For the front seats, a special product was developed based on the Civic 5-door body stabilizer seat.

Reduces fatigue and allows you to focus on driving

The shape, hardness and material of the skeleton and seat pad were determined with the aim of maintaining the posture of the upper arm, pelvis and arms. Striving to prevent the hips from slipping when subjected to vertical G forces and improve upper arm support when steering, the shape supports a variety of body types to reduce fatigue and enable stable driving performance during long hours of driving, after to make At the same time, weight reduction is also realized. In addition, the use of a suede-like material for the rear seats has improved the hold of those who live in the rear seats.

The “Honda Log R” data display and recording device adopted in the predecessor has also improved its functions. Various items are prepared according to the themes of “see and learn,” “observe and improve,” and “share.”

Using driving data

The performance monitoring function, which is responsible for “seeing and knowing”, visualizes various driving data. Instrument display with 6 items that can be selected from 12 items such as water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, boost pressure, G meter and tire friction circle that calculates the maximum friction force of each tire, and 3D CG reproduction of vehicle movement and tilt Set 3 modes for displaying 3D movements. The CG body can be changed from 3D motion to the same body color as the actual vehicle.

The scoring function corresponds to “observe and improve”. Features an automatic score function that scores five items (acceleration, deceleration, turning, straight ahead, and composite), a data log function that records lap times, and a VS mode that allows you to compare the driving data of the circuit past and present of your vehicle. In addition, the location of 13 JAF and FIA certified circuits in Japan is remembered, and the speed limiter is canceled within the course by positioning with GPS.

Driving data is uploaded to the server and can be viewed on a smartphone through a specific application. You can also enjoy “sharing” this with others on SNS.

Text by Koichiro Seki

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