Consolation of hugs that are ‘especially’ effective for women

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Numerous studies have revealed that hugging has a beneficial effect on our body, such as blood circulation and immunity, as well as emotional stability due to the action of hormones.. However, a recent study found that the effect of hugging was much greater in women than in men..

CNNAccording to the scientific journal <floss one(PLOS One)>This study, published in 76We looked at how stress responses change after hugging a loved one in people..

After hugging women, the stress hormone cortisol(cortisol) secretion was reduced compared to the non-hugging case. On the other hand, Men didn’t seem to get the same effect.

The study was authored by the Dutch Institute of Neuroscience.(Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)”by Julian Parkheiser(Julian Packheiser) Dr. Cortisol affects memory recall, making the upcoming stressful task more difficult.explained.

According to Dr. Parkheiser, the expression of affection in a loved one is love hormoneIt lowers cortisol levels by releasing oxytocin, a neurotransmitter called. In addition, this response allows for coping with stress along with social support..

in stressful situations will you face, will you avoidThere have been studies examining the effects of prolonged contact, such as massage, on the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for responses, and the endocrine system, which regulates hormone secretion.. But this study provides a scientific basis for an instant gratifying hug..

Massage is not always available. Dr. Parkheiser Hugs, on the other hand, can help relieve stress while being quick.said. He added that it is helpful to have measures to protect against the stresses of the world as many countries have eased restrictions due to the pandemic..

However, it is difficult to explain why men do not have the same degree of cortisol reduction, the researchers said.. Dr. Parkheiser There may be a social factor that men don’t feel good about because they accept hugs infrequently or awkwardlysaying Could be related to differences in tactile receptors in men and womensaid.

Dr. Parkheiser It’s a good idea to give a hug to a spouse or friend who has to deal with a stressful situation.he emphasized. Of course, if the other person wants a hug, it is better to give it of course..

Lisa Damur, a psychologist who runs a clinic in Ohio.(Lisa Damour) Dr. “2018A hug after a conflict situation or negative event makes people feel better., Studies have shown that physical contact soothes the nervous systemsaid.

However, the expression of affection is not perfect..

Cory Floyd of the University of Arizona(Kory Floyd) the professor It’s important to remember that each person’s reaction to a hug is different.saying For some people, hugging is an expression of warmth that relieves stress, reduces pain, and promotes intimacy., Some people find hugging to be intrusive or unnatural, resulting in increased stress.he emphasized.

Dr. Damur The best hugs should be done with the feelings of the person being hugged in mind.said. Rather than assuming that the other person wants a hug, it’s important to look at what the other person wants first..

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