Construction of Karuvannur Illikal Bund Road Defense Wall completed : Nattu Visesham

Karuvannur: Karuvannur hit by heavy rains in May Construction of bund road south of Illykal river regulator Construction of temporary protection wall has been completed. Moorkanad Karalam B under Irrigation Department joins the river. 17 lakhs is the portion of the defense wall which has fallen on the road at a cost of Rs. It is finished.

A little more land was extended beyond the fall area to a length of 38 meters. The coconuts and mud from the river were pressed about a meter. A protective wall has been built from the black stone that was removed. Heavy rain stopped the construction activities of Thrissur Additional Irrigation Section Completed last day

Samra newly built according to the demand of the local residents The part of the wall to the irregular regulator is made of granite, and it is also concreted. Bund Road collapsed in the same place three times. South Bund Road E near Illegal Regulator during 2018 floods the lower

There was no construction here for three years. Heavy rain in the first week of May 2021 in the same place made the road more wet. After the cat fell again, the sprouts were tied and in the meantime, the irrigation department was temporary bunds by using Taken sandbags.

But last May, the bamboo shoots established earlier fell again. Minister R continues. Bindu Itapet translated into 17 lakh rupees.

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