Contact and Full Margins – CHAUMET Liens Division Yuan•Life Series

Antique work: CHAUMET Rohan choker necklace, created in 1906

Ancient Work: CHAUMET Fate · Life Necklace and Band-shaped Hair Accessories, created in 1922

The CHAUMET family is good at expressing deep connotations with symbolic meanings. It never expresses one meaning in a simple way, but uses a combination of images, skillfully uses symbolic language and exquisite details to tell the stories and references. behind the works, multi-. angle, deep It shows the historical, literary and artistic significance of the works layer by layer. Circle·Yuan Necklace is proficient in this way, connecting two semi-circles with the “X” link symbol unique to CHAUMET, which is a symbol of destiny, turning the “circle” into a symbol of “full destiny “, and express the desire for perfection, reunion and unity in the heart Gather together to make the fortune complete, and finally form the perfect unity “Yuan·Yuan”, which accompanies every lucky moment in life.

There are many styles of round and rim necklaces, large malachite, medium lapis lazuli and small turquoise styles, bringing more combinations for pleasing stacking and collocation. Brilliant colors are full of vitality, making the inner emotion and passion bloom, so that the simple walking method can also be at home.

[Ystyr hardd yn cwrdd â lwc lliwgar]

CHAUMET Yuan·Yuan series is a lucky product, with each necklace combining the beauty of different gems with its unique power, waiting for the beautiful wish of “fulfilling one’s wish” to come true one by one.

The rich green malachite symbolizes luck and peace, and can resist negative emotions. Dark green shades intertwine with dark and light textures, retro and elegant, elegant and fashionable. Liens Harmony’s brand new round malachite necklace and rim full of healing power will accompany you to find “a little luck” in life.

New CHAUMET Liens Harmony round edge malachite necklace

¥48,200 (current reference price)

A symbol of knowledge, truth and friendship, lapis lazuli of pure serenity can lift the soul and purify the heart. The iconic “Royal Blue” is decorated with gold flecks, which resemble stars. Blue, the color of the sea and the sky, is a symbol of freedom and eternity, giving people infinite respect. The Liens Harmony round lapis lazuli necklace inspires the wearer to explore and express themselves deeply.

CHAUMET Liens Harmony new round lapis lazuli necklace

¥33,000 (current reference price)

Vibrant turquoise is a symbol of wisdom and nobility. It can absorb negative energy and bring tranquility. It has the reputation of “Stone of Success” and “Stone of Happiness”. The warm texture combined with the clear and clear color is elegant and striking for everyday wear. Liens Harmony round • edge turquoise necklace, let you encounter a unique bright charm.

CHAUMET new Liens Harmony round edge turquoise necklace

¥17,200 (current reference price)

[Taflwybr tynged, wedi’i symleiddio]

In the 45 years since its launch, the Liens series has been constantly innovating, connecting different time and space, and always keeping up with the times. It has built the universe of CHAUMET’s “emotional jewelry” destiny. , which has long become a popular classic. and a classic from CHAUMET. One of the best known masterpieces in the jewelery world. Liens streamlines thousands of emotions, spans time and space, and encounters unknown surprises becoming “X”, which represents the intersection of destiny and connects all bright journeys in life; perfect unity and harmony are transformed into a “circle” eternally. full of the beautiful vision of “a happy and perfect destiny, the fulfillment of destiny”; the implication is that the power of pure eternal destiny is transformed into “-“, like a consonant bridge, and the paths of life are henceforth firmly connected and connected.

The multiple themes of the Liens •Life series complete the concept of fate – eternity is fate, and every memorable encounter can be expressed with Liens. And behind the emotions in the world, what is hidden is CHAUMET’s opinion of’ the universe from reality to emptiness ——the ethics of the universe is connection, and there is nothing without connection

“Jeux de Liens Huan·Yuan’s X, illuminates the intersection of fate”

The connection symbol “X” is like a lucky charm that connects the infinite possibilities of the future, and it is also like the crossed arms in an embrace to witness the accidental meeting of each independent soul. Hugs weave joy, and symbols bind fate. When Jeux de Liens’ “X” meets the brilliance of precious metals and the brilliance of diamonds, the light of the intersection of destiny is instantly illuminated, and the link symbol “X” incarnates the messenger of destiny to promote the meeting and interweaving of trajectories destiny, Blooming life and the light that is rooted in life.

CHAUMET Division Yuan Liens · Huan Life Series · Yuan Rose Gold Full Full Diamond Necklace (current reference price: ¥24,400)

CHAUMET Section Yuan Liens · Huan Life Series · Yuan Platinum Platinum Full Diamond Necklace (current reference price: ¥27,100)

CHAUMET Division Yuan Liens · Huan Life Series · Yuan Mother-of-Pearl Necklace (current reference price: ¥12,900)

CHAUMET Department Liens Yuan · Huan Life Series · Full Rose Gold Full Diamond Necklace (current reference price: ¥29,600)

“Liens Évidence is a bridge of destiny for life, condensing eternal destiny”

The connection symbol “—” is like a bridge that connects fate. Fate is like a bridge. People come and go, and it is fate to be an integral part of each other’s lives. It is also like the “X” which is condensed at one point by the infinite edge, pointing to the eternal and constant emotional world. Liens Évidence’s works use the unique connection symbol “—” to connect the distance between the two ends, turning the complex and interconnected emotions into a simple symbol, and contains a profound philosophical thought in the minimalistic abstract design – – Bridges connect thousands of people.

CHAUMET Division Liens Yuan · Life Series Life Yuanyuan rose gold full set diamond ring (current reference price: ¥43,800)

CHAUMET Division Liens Yuan · Lifetime Series Yuanyuan Platinum Diamond Ring (current reference price: ¥21,700)

CHAUMET Department Liens Yuan · Life Series Life Yuanyuan platinum full set diamond ring (current reference price: ¥47,900)

CHAUMET Section Yuan Liens · Golden Age Series Yuanyuan rose gold ring with diamonds (current reference price: ¥ 14,200)

CHAUMET Department Liens Yuan · Life Series Yuanyuan Platinum Diamond Bracelet Lifetime (current reference price: ¥39,200)

CHAUMET Liens Bracelet · Life Series Platinum Full Diamond Bracelet (current reference price: ¥ 102,000)

The universe of fate depicted in the CHAUMET Liens series also applies to lovers. The connection symbol “X” outlines the path of fate and runs towards the beloved. Looking forward to a happy destiny with a “perfect combination of mirrors”, bringing hearts closer together and connecting them to perfection. The connection symbol “—” creates a bridge of fate, testifying to the deepening friendship of people who love each other, and it also contains the good belief and expectations of staying together for life.

CHAUMET Liens 环系•Using excellent craftsmanship and surging imagination throughout his life, he simplifies thousands of emotions and condenses them into eternal symbols. A meeting by fate brightens the happy time; perfect fate makes accidental encounters perfect; connecting by fate and condensing on the bridge of eternal destiny. CHAUMET Liens fate • life series, leave the fate visible.

CHAUMET, the jewelry art family of Paris, has officially settled in Xiaohongshu Please search and follow the official account “CHAUMET Shangmei Paris” immediately to explore the artistic style of “Grace & Character”.


Founded in 1780, CHAUMET is a long-established Parisian jewelry art family under global luxury goods giant LVMH LVMH Group. With a profound historical heritage and cultural heritage, CHAUMET is not only a master in the world of art, but also a perfect representative of elegant style. With impeccable craftsmanship, it leads innovation in the field of jewelry, explores different aesthetic styles, and still charming after two and a half centuries No discount. In 2017, the Palace Museum, together with the Louvre and many other top museums and collectors in the world, held the “Exhibition of Exquisite Beauty – Treasure Art Exhibition Beginning in the 18th Century” in Beijing, sharing a unique style and the amazing world tour. CHAUMET with the world.

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