‘Contact attempts will be ignored’ Future Kerala

SEOUL: Washington will ignore U.S. efforts to establish contact until it meets Pyongyang’s terms, a North Korean official has said. Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has quoted North Korea’s first deputy foreign minister, Cho Son-hui, as saying that it does not think there is a need to respond to the U.S. because of further delays.

They allege that Washington adopted hostile policies and used “cheap tactics.” Cho said any kind of contact or dialogue would not be possible if the US did not abandon its hostile policy towards North Korea. Korea’s question is, what’s the point of holding talks if the atmosphere is not conducive for both parties to talk on an equal footing. She added that Pyongyang would ignore Washington’s attempts to contact her in the future.

With Cho’s statement, North Korea confirmed for the first time that it was trying to contact President Joe Biden’s government. The next day, however, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yoo-jong, came under fire for criticizing Seoul for conducting military exercises with the United States. They had threatened to cancel the peace agreement with South Korea. They also warned the new US government against any provocative actions.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, began talks with Kim Jong Un about Pyongyang’s nuclear program and met with him in person. Despite the two summits, North Korea has not made significant progress in reducing its nuclear arsenal.



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