Continued losses under BMTA ‘Sak Siam’ wing

Since 2019, under the supervision of Mr Sakkayam Chidchob, the Minister of Transport. Determine one of the policies to speed up the organization of resolving a loss under the rehabilitation plan. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) has set an important goal to clear the accumulated debt burden of more than 130 billion baht, ready to develop services by providing alternative energy buses.

But while the current rehabilitation plan BMTA is still in the process of revising (draft) the BMTA business rehabilitation plan (revised version) in accordance with the decision of the State Enterprise Policy Sub-Committee (Public Institution) assigned to BMTA has amend the said plan to match the current situation. also currently BMTA has not been able to turn the organization back to profitability. and need to borrow money to increase liquidity every year

At the same time, in the financial year 2023, the BMTA has been approved by the Cabinet (Cabinet) to borrow liquidity for the financial year 2023 in the amount of 7,516.909 million baht, with the Ministry of Finance as the loan guarantor. and decide how to borrow money and details

With the reason for requesting loan approval to increase liquidity because the BMTA has suffered continuous losses. and lack of financial liquidity Including not being compensated for the loss in the amount actually received. which is caused by BMTA collects fares at the rates set by the government. But not in line with the current increase in costs.

However, comparing the performance during the administration period of 4 years under the wing of Mr. Sakkayam Chidchob, the Minister of Transport finds that the implementation of the rehabilitation plan of BMTA during that period It can be called unfulfilled yet back the expectation the details of which are as follows

Performance in 2019

  • Total liabilities 11,677.09 million baht
  • Accumulated profit (loss) 124,327.26 million baht
  • Operating income 4,572.76 million baht
  • Total income (including other income) 7,028.35 million baht
  • Total expenses 14,630.87 million baht
  • Net loss 7,602.52 million baht

Performance in 2020

  • Total liabilities 127,187.06 million baht
  • Accumulated profit (loss) 128,554.30 million baht
  • Operating income 3,799.10 million baht
  • Total income (including other income) 8,611.11 million baht
  • Total expenses 12,838.16 million baht
  • Net loss 4,227.05 million baht

Performance in 2021

  • Total liabilities 132,341.38 million baht
  • Accumulated profit (loss) 133,289.24 million baht
  • Operating income 32,517.81 million baht
  • Total income (including other income) 7,744.79 million baht
  • Total expenses 12,479.72 million baht
  • Net loss 4,734.93 million baht

Although the current performance is in 2022, the BMTA has not yet reported. Which has to help accelerate to earn income from other parts apart from the traffic. Due to the current situation report according to the case, the necessity The BMTA had to request a loan for the financial year 2023, stating that the revenue from the bus operation which is the main income of the BMTA is still insufficient to pay the debt.

In addition, he must help adjust the BMTA’s draft rehabilitation plan whether it will be able to meet the current situation or not. Found a start BMTA has submitted a BMTA Movement Plan to the Ministry of Transport. with a focus on being a modern travel organization that satisfies everyone Under the concept of B: Better, Satisfied, M: New Modern, T: Transport, Travel and A: for All, for everyone, including 6 aspects of plan preparation rehabilitation:

1. Condition of buses by increasing the efficiency of bus maintenance contract management. acquiring buses of suitable size to be serviced Revamping the condition of the car (Refurbishing) to be ready for service. and converting buses into electric vehicles

2. Management system by controlling the cost of collecting tickets Adapting train routes to be consistent with electric train routes. Recruiting diverse staff in the form of regular workers and contract workers organizational restructuring to be more compact Putting action plans into action with participation from various agencies Including creating acceptance of being a service oriented public service organisation.

3. Image from public relations Allowing the public to share their direct experience of using the service Including creating an understanding with personnel in the organization to create good stories that happen within the organization

4. Technology by focusing on the tangible use of technology, developing BMTA applications, creating a customer persona database, and accelerating the use of electronic tickets.

5. Other sources of income By adjusting the collection of ticket for monthly payment and accelerating the increase in income from commercial land use For potential areas such as Bangkhen, Minburi, etc.

6. Sources of finance: There are different types of car acquisition, such as buying, renting, hiring, running, providing car sharing services. Private Participation (PPP), that the BMTA will speed up the preparation of the details of the BMTA business rehabilitation plan.