Continuing the outstanding performance, Zhu Ting gets better and better, Italy’s Scandicci breaks into the top 16 of the Women’s Volleyball Europa League – Teller Report Teller Report

Continuing the excellent performance, Zhu Ting gets better and better, Italy’s Scandicci breaks into the last 16 of the Women’s Volleyball Europa LeagueFlying into the homes of ordinary people

Zhu Ting (No. 4) celebrates after scoring

Yesterday, in the second round of the Women’s Volleyball Europa League 2022-2023 1/16 final, the Italian Scandicci played Zhu Ting at home and again defeated Turkey’s Galatasaray 3-0. On to the round of 16. Zhu Ting, who started the game, scored the second highest score in the team with 14 points. In January next year, Scandic will compete with Zagreb, Croatia for the quarter finals in this year’s Europa League. The game will still adopt the home and away system, and the specific time to be decide

Zhu Ting continued his strong performance in the league. In this campaign, he made 14 of 27 deductions and a success rate of 52%. She also received the most of the team’s first 26 passes, with only 1 turnover, and the first pass rate and perfect rate were 42% and 23% respectively. In the end, Scandic won 25-14, 25-19, 25-21.

Although the injury has not yet fully recovered, Zhu Ting is recovering at the Scandic club and has quickly become an indispensable main player in the team. In the league, Zhu Ting has helped the team overcome difficulties many times, and has won single-game MVP many times. Not long ago, Zhu Ting won the Golden Lion Award, which is mainly awarded to outstanding figures who have made outstanding contributions in culture, sports and music, and have built bridges for cultural exchange and communication between China and Italy. Zhu Ting said: “During this period of playing in Italy, I am very grateful to everyone for your care, support and encouragement. I will play better and more exciting games and balls. I hope you see on the court.” (Xinmin Evening News Reporter Tao Xingying)

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