Contribution program to buy Biore Guard Moss for the hospital to prevent patients from dengue fever.

Sunday, 29 January 2023, 6.00 am

Yuji Shimizu, President of Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co, Ltd together with CP All Public Co, Ltd highlight the success of the campaign to keep Thai people safe from dengue fever. From the sale of biore mosquito repellent products Biore Guard Moss Block Serum * 1 tube from each 7-Eleven branch nationwide through 7-Eleven and ALL ONLINE channels is equivalent to a donation of 5 baht to contribute to the purchase of new tube protection products from mosquitoes to hospitals After the completion of the project brought 10,000 tubes of products worth 690,000 baht to the Queen Sirikit Children’s National Institute of Health. last month

Yuji Shimizu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “With Kao’s commitment that campaigns to protect people’s lives from the spread of dengue fever and other infectious diseases with mosquitoes So we have teamed up with 7-Eleven . Run a campaign to raise money to buy anti-mosquito products to give to hospitals to protect patients from dengue fever. This collaboration has resulted in the distribution of 10,000 tubes of products worth 690,000 baht, which is a great pleasure for both companies to help society by donating them to the National Institute of Children’s Health. for the hospital to allocate for further use

Yuthasak Poomsurakul, CEO, CP All Plc.

According to statistics from the Department of Disease Control, it was discovered that the situation of dengue fever in 2022 can be found in school aged children aged 5-14, who are vulnerable groups. This is because children tend to like to play outside and may not know how to protect themselves from mosquitoes that can unknowingly spread dengue fever. We therefore want to achieve Biore Guard Moss Block Serum * anti-mosquito products, a unique formula that can spread widely and cover the skin as a protective barrier to the skin, light and can be used in everyday life. Let’s use it to help protect young children from mosquitoes and the threat of dengue fever.”

Yuthasak Poomsurakul, CEO of CP All Public Company Limited, 7-Eleven and 7 Delivery executives said, “I’m very proud to be working with Kao. Protect Thai people away from dengue fever, which is considered a health threat. top picture especially in vulnerable groups Not only through this donation project But before this, he also joined to expand the awareness base to create awareness for health care by linking the “Kao-khun” application, a health alarm application of scope with the “7-Eleven TH” application, which has a user base of over 30 million people, to improve the health care of Thai people. Especially the surveillance of dengue fever outbreaks. in line with the aspirations of the organization “To create and share opportunities together”

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