Controversial Breakups and Rumors Surrounding the 16th Episode of ‘I’m Solo’

The controversial and tumultuous 16th episode of ‘I’m Solo’ has come to an end, leaving behind broken relationships for two couples, Yeongsik and Hyeonsuk, and Yeongcheol and Jeongsuk. On the 4th, the official YouTube channel of ENA-SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’, called ‘Chief Entertainment’, held a live broadcast where the 16th cast members reunited to engage with viewers.

Yeongsik addressed rumors about his marriage, dismissing them as baseless. He clarified that he had been in a relationship with Hyeonsuk for about three months after filming, but they have since realized their differences in thinking. Despite their breakup, he emphasized that they continue to support each other and currently have no serious relationships.

Similarly, Youngcheol and Jeongsuk also ended their relationship. Youngcheol stated that after completing filming in May, he traveled to Jeongsuk’s neighborhood in Daegu to have a conversation they couldn’t have during the show. During that emotional exchange, they became a real-life couple. However, they recently decided to part ways, acknowledging that it is essential to respect each other’s needs. Youngcheol is now single.

Sunja denied the dating rumors with Yeongho, clarifying that she is still single and focused on taking care of her child. She added that although they went out together and took a picture, they are only friends, not lovers. She expressed her sadness about the breakup rumors.

Sang-cheol shared that although he and Young-sook didn’t become the final couple on the show, he is currently interested in someone. He expressed caution while exploring this new relationship, considering the different responsibilities single people have. Youngsook appeared later during the live broadcast and described Sang-cheol as a good and genuine person. She jokingly wished for him to find someone and move to America.

During the broadcast, there was anticipation for Oksun’s appearance, but she did not join the live show. Youngsook expressed disappointment about this and mentioned their close relationship, which made it even more puzzling why Oksun didn’t participate. Youngsook had hoped to resolve any misunderstandings through the live broadcast but was left unsatisfied.

In the previous episode of the 16th Single Special of ‘I’m Solo’, two couples were formed, but Young-sook did not choose Sang-cheol as her final partner. However, Sang-cheol hugged her and expressed his attractiveness, emphasizing that he considered her choice. Youngsook confessed that she initially didn’t want to be in a relationship but mentioned Sang-cheol’s thoughtfulness.

According to Nielsen Korea, the broadcast of the 16th episode achieved an average viewer rating of 7.05% (combined figure of ENA and SBS Plus based on pay TV households in the metropolitan area), with the highest peak rating reaching 7.93%.

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The 16th episode of ‘I’m Solo’, which had a lot of controversy and trouble, has ended. Two couples, Yeongsik and Hyeonsuk, and Yeongcheol and Jeongsuk, were finally matched, but they all broke up recently.

On the 4th, ‘Chief Entertainment’, the official YouTube channel of ENA-SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’, held a live broadcast where the 16th cast members gathered to communicate with viewers.

Yeong-sik spoke about the rumors about his marriage, saying, “There are people saying, ‘I’m getting married’ and ‘I’m handing out wedding invitations,’ but they’re all nonsense. After filming, I met Hyun-suk for about three months. Since I have been remarried, I found that there is a difference in our thoughts. “Right now, we support each other’s lives. At the moment, no one is in a serious relationship,” he said.

The Youngcheol and Jeongsuk couple also broke up. Youngcheol said, “After finishing filming in May, I flew straight to Daegu, Jeongsuk’s neighborhood, to talk about what we couldn’t talk about. We talked until late in the morning and it became ‘hyeonker’ (real life couple) through it. our sincerity.” He added, “About three weeks ago, we became a real couple. “We broke up. I think it’s right for us to respect each other and meet someone we need. I’m single now.”

Sunja also denied the dating rumors with Yeongho. She laughed and said, “I’m still alone. I’m raising the baby well. I went out with the cast, but Youngho picked me up in the middle of the walk and we took a picture. No we’re lovers. We’re friends. I’m sad too.”

Sang-cheol said that he and Young-sook “didn’t make it to the final couple, but there’s someone I like right now.” He added, “I’m trying to find out carefully because single people have different jobs.” Youngsook appeared late on the live broadcast. When the production team asked how he felt about reuniting with Sang-cheol, he said, “He’s a good and pure person,” and laughed, “I’m trying to meet him like this, but I hope someone is caught and goes to America and lives well.”

In addition, Youngsook also mentioned Oksun, who was embroiled in rumors of discord. Oksoon did not appear in this live broadcast. Regarding this, Youngsook said, “I was really looking forward because I thought Oksun would come,” and he expressed regret, saying, “As you can see from the broadcast, we had a close relationship and it was fine, but I didn’t. Don’t know why it happened this way.” He added, “I was looking forward to it because it was easy to solve just by looking at it, but I’m a little disappointed it didn’t come.”

Meanwhile, in the last episode of the 16th Single Special of ‘I’m Solo’ which was broadcast the day before, two couples were born. Sang-cheol chose Young-sook, but Young-sook did not make the final choice. In response, Youngsook expressed her feelings, saying, “To be honest, I didn’t want to meet anyone, but (Sangcheol) hugged me and hugged me. He’s a very attractive person. I hope that you won’t be alone on the way back. I hope you know that Sangcheol also thought about my choice.”

According to Nielsen Korea, the broadcast on this day recorded an average viewer rating of 7.05% (combined figure of ENA and SBS Plus based on pay TV households in the metropolitan area), and the highest viewer rating per minute increased to 7.93%.

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