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Controversial comment on Kovid deleted Kangana’s post on Instagram.

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Actress Kangana Ranaut’s post has been removed from Instagram citing that she had given false information about Kovid. The actress’ explanation of Kovid’s illness in a post to inform her fans that Kovid is positive is now controversial. The actress removed her Instagram post after realizing that the reference to Kovid was wrong.

“Kovid tested positive for going to Himachal and came to know that he was positive. At first I felt tired and weak in the eyes. The test was conducted yesterday and the result came today. Is currently in quarantine. I did not know that this virus was partying in my body .Now I know that I will destroy it. We should not be afraid of any force, if we are afraid it will destroy us .Let’s fight together against Kovid. No, it’s just a cold sore. It’s just that it gets media attention and scares people. ” That is what Kangana wrote on Instagram. But in the post, the reference to the fact that this is just a cold is now controversial. Criticism of the post was high, with Covid describing the epidemic as just a cold and saying it would make people less vigilant.

It was Kangana who announced the removal of the post through her Instagram story. Earlier, the actress’ Twitter account was withdrawn following a controversy.

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