Controversial Statement by PCB Chief: India Is a Traditional Rival, Not an Enemy

Controversial Statement by PCB Chief Amid Warm Welcome for Pakistan Cricket Team in India

Islamabad, 30th September 2023, 11:17 AM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk

The recent visit of the Pakistan cricket team to India for the World Cup received a warm welcome, causing a stir over a controversial statement made by the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Saka Ashraf. Initially, Ashraf described India as an enemy country, but later retracted his statement, clarifying that India is a traditional rival, not an enemy.

It has been a long-awaited reunion between the two teams, with the Pakistan cricket team competing in India after a gap of seven years. Ashraf expressed his appreciation for the outstanding reception given to the team in India, attributing it to the love of the people from both countries towards the players, emphasizing that the warm welcome in Hyderabad is a testament to this. He extended his gratitude to India for hosting the players in such a manner.

Ashraf’s earlier remarks came during a media interaction where he discussed increasing player salaries, indirectly referring to India as an enemy country. He explained that the generous amounts sanctioned in the new contract aimed at boosting player morale when competing in “the enemy’s country.”

The PCB chief’s statement received criticism from fans, who considered it irresponsible. Pakistani fans in particular highlighted that India is not the enemy of Pakistan, and expressed their disappointment with Ashraf’s divisive comment.

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30th September 2023 11:17 AM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk

Islamabad: The statement made by the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Saka Ashraf, was controversial when the Pakistan team, which came to India for the World Cup, received a warm welcome. The argument was that India was described as an enemy country. After the event was over, he swallowed the statement and turned his back on the scene. He corrected the view that India was a traditional rival and not an enemy.

After a gap of seven years, the Pak team came to compete in India. He said the reception given in India was outstanding. Saka also responded that it is the love of the people of both countries towards the players.

“Pak team received a big welcome in India. This shows how much the people of both countries love the players. The reception given to Pakistan in Hyderabad is proof of that. Thanks to India for hosting the players like this. “India and Pakistan are traditional rivals, not enemies,” Saka said.

Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board has increased the salaries of the players. Speaking to the media in this regard, Saka indirectly described India as an enemy country.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board has great love and affection for the players. That is why such an amount was allowed to the players in the new contract. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket that such an amount has been sanctioned. “My goal was to raise the morale of the players when they go to compete in the enemy’s country,” said Saka.

Fans criticized the Pakistan Cricket Board chief’s statement. Pakistani fans also pointed out that the comment was irresponsible on the part of the Pakistan cricket boss. Pakistan’s enemy is not India. His statement was extremely hateful and fans reacted openly.

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