Controversy at UNIQLO: Female Customer Allegedly Choked by Staff Over Unpaid Bill

Controversy Arises Over Alleged Assault of Customer at UNIQLO Store

The UNIQLO Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store in mainland China recently found itself at the center of a heated discussion following an incident involving a female customer. The individual in question was allegedly suspected of not paying her bill and was subjected to assault by a staff member. Shocked bystanders captured the distressing scene, with one witness expressing their disdain for the store’s handling of the matter. To further complicate the situation, the staff members involved did not offer an apology to the customer. In response, the management at the shopping center has launched an investigation into the incident.

Uncovering the Details

According to reports from the Chinese media outlet “Poster News,” a video surfaced depicting the female customer in distress, covering her face and in tears. Witnesses claim that the incident unfolded at the UNIQLO store located in the Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu. The staff members allegedly accused the customer of not paying her bill and forcibly grabbed her by the neck, dragging her to the checkout counter.

Further investigations conducted by a concerned photographer revealed that the customer had indeed purchased the item in question and possessed valid shopping details. Astonishingly, the two staff members refused to acknowledge their mistake and refused to apologize to the distressed customer.

Management Responds

In light of the disturbing footage and subsequent backlash, management at the Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store released a statement. They emphasized their commitment to addressing the matter and conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the facts. They acknowledged the potential for misunderstandings in the incident but reaffirmed their dedication to a fair resolution.

Public Outrage

Following the release of the video, members of the public expressed their outrage through various online platforms. Many criticized the staff’s actions, questioning the necessity for such excessive force when dealing with a suspected shoplifter. Numerous comments condemned the mistreatment of the customer, with some remarking on the humiliation inflicted upon her during the incident.

“An alarm is the only right choice,” stated one commenter, emphasizing the importance of following proper protocols rather than resorting to physical violence. Another individual remarked, “The victim is clearly a customer; there is no need to protect the staff.” The collective sentiment expressed the opinion that customers should not be treated with such suspicion and disrespect.

As discussions surrounding the incident continue, the UNIQLO Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store is under considerable scrutiny, with many eagerly awaiting the findings of the ongoing investigation.

The female customer covered her face and cried. (Photo / reproduced from Weibo / West Decision)

Recently, a female customer from mainland China went to the UNIQLO Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store to make a purchase. Unexpectedly, she was suspected of not paying the bill and was choked by a staff member, triggering a discussion . The photographer could not stand it and despised it, and the two members of staff did not apologize to the female customer afterwards. In response, the center’s staff responded.

According to a report by the Chinese media “Poster News”, a female customer can be seen in the video covering her face and crying. The photographer revealed that when a female customer was shopping at Uniqlo at the Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store, she was suspected of not paying the bill, so she was grabbed by the neck and dragged to the checkout counter by two members of staff.

The photographer said he discovered, after enquiries, that the product had been purchased and that the female customer also had shopping details, but the two members of staff had not apologized to the female customer afterwards. In response, the center staff at the Wanda Plaza Xining Haihu store responded that the center has paid attention to the matter and is investigating the matter and checking it. There could be a misunderstanding in the matter. as possible.

After the video was revealed, many people left messages criticizing “An alarm is the only right choice”, “The victim is clearly a customer, there is no need to protect the staff”, “You can’t use lynching to catch a thief, not to mention not confirming that he is a thief”, why would you insult a customer? ” “Indeed, you treat people like thieves, but no matter what, this method is too humiliating.”

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