Controversy over ‘commercialization of school uniforms’ even before broadcasting

Photo = Captured from JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’

A YouTuber and influencer Song Ji-a (Freesia), who appeared in the Netflix series ‘Solo Hell’ and became a hot topic, was caught up in the controversy over ‘commercialization of school uniforms’, and a trailer for ‘Knowing Bros’ was released.

At the end of ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired on the 15th, a trailer scheduled to air on the 22nd was drawn.

In the trailer that day, Song Ji-ah, Kang Ye-won, and Lee Young-ji appeared as guests, and the ‘Solo Hell’ contest, a parody of Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’, continued, and Song Ji-a monopolized the attention of male performers.

In particular, Song Jia said, “Baby, how about me? Everyone looks at me because I’m pretty.”

Photo = Song Ji-ah’s Instagram capture

On the other hand, on the 13th, Song Jia was caught up in the controversy over ‘commercialization of school uniforms’ at the JTBC studio in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, where she visited for the recording of ‘Knowing Bros’.

In the photo on the way to work, Song Ji-ah appealed the charm of a ‘hot girl’ with a cropped shirt and short skirt, and Song Ji-ah, who drew a heart over her head, showed off her sexy beauty with her exposed strong abs.

However, netizens who saw the photo pointed out that Song Ji-ah’s school uniform was ‘sex commodification’. Netizens commented, “The king of corsets. The target audience for school uniforms is children”, “School uniforms are usually student clothes, but they wear them in such a sexual way”, “It’s not tiring to point out these things, it’s natural. Who says wearing revealing clothes? However, he said, “I am criticized for being cropped in ‘School Uniform'” and “Think about the fact that I wore it without thinking, but the damage will go to the students.”

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