Controversy over human testing in Japan ahead of the Olympics… “Let’s fill 100% of the crowd at the baseball field”

A Japanese baseball field full of spectators (Photo = Yonhap News)

Amid controversy over the’human body experiment’ that Japan has accepted a large number of spectators in the baseball field, saying that it is an experiment related to Corona 19, there are even claims that 100% of the large stadiums can be filled.

According to the Yomiuri Newspaper on the 3rd, Professor Hiroshige Mikamo of Aichi Medical University, who participated as an expert in the’Corona 19 Countermeasure Liaison Conference’ held online by the Japan Baseball Organization and the Japan Professional Football J League the day before, said, “Next season we will welcome 100% of the audience. It would be nice to do it. Actually, I think it is possible.”

Currently, the upper limit of the audience is set to 50% of the total capacity, but he expressed his opinion that next season it is okay to fill the audience and play.

Gaku Mitsuo, a special professor at the Tohoku Medical and Drug School, said, “For example, it has become a phase to clarify how meaningful 50% is and how to increase it to 90%.”

These remarks came amid controversy amid controversy that Kanagawa Prefecture and listed company DeNA (DNA) conducted an empirical experiment that filled up to 86% of the number of spectators during a professional baseball game at Yokohama Stadium for three days until the 1st.

This experiment was to analyze the spread of Corona 19 based on the traffic flow of visitors, the rate of wearing a mask, and information on the congestion level.

In the 3rd row from the 30th to the 1st of last month, a total of 68981 spectators gathered. The same experiment is scheduled to continue in the match between the Yomiuri Giants and Yakult Swallows at Tokyo Dome on the 7th and 8th.

However, it has been criticized for being a dangerous’human experiment’ that can cause mass infection.

The Japanese government has denied concerns about outbreaks.

The Japanese authorities’ increase in the acceptance rate of stadium visitors is interpreted as a measure with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in mind, which will be postponed to next year.

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