Controversy over Korean YouTuber who hunted for Thai woman… Embassy “Beware of Harm to Nationality”

/ Bright TV

As the number of cases of male Korean YouTubers filming local women without permission or broadcasting sexual harassment increased in Thailand, the Korean Embassy in Thailand asked them to “be careful not to harm the national dignity.”

On the 29th, the Korean Embassy in Thailand posted a notice on its homepage titled “Information on precautions related to personal broadcasting on the Internet, etc.” Cases are being reported in the domestic media and caution is needed.”

The embassy said, “Broadcasting content targeting local people on the street or visiting entertainment establishments during personal internet broadcasting can be a problem by humiliating Thai people, etc.” It is punishable in Thailand.” He added, “I hope Koreans visiting or living in Thailand will be especially careful not to damage the national reputation with such scandalous things.”

Previously, Thai media such as Bright TV and Amarin TV recently reported on a Korean male YouTuber who recklessly took pictures of women on the streets of their country and offered them drinks. One victim said, “On my way home, a Korean man approached me while streaming and asked me to drink. I refused and avoided the camera, but I was afraid they were still coming,” he said. The YouTuber kept asking to exchange contact information.” He also said, “I checked a Korean guy’s YouTube channel, and it was then many videos of sexual harassment or harassment of Thai women.” This woman is a Thai influencer with 80,000 followers on social media She posted a video of what she experienced with a Korean male YouTuber on Twitter, which caused an uproar in Thailand.

Meanwhile, the embassy also informed that content related to medical marijuana, which has been legalized in Thailand, could be punished under domestic law. The embassy said, “Remember, if it is deemed to be an act of broadcasting or presenting a hemp-related video to others in Thailand, it can be punished according to the domestic law ‘Narcotics Control Act’. “


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