Controversy over ‘Renting clothes for Japanese officials and emperors’ at Jeongdong Night Tour hosted by Seoul City

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Historical and cultural events hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government continue to cause controversy.

At the end of last month, less than a month had passed since a large picture of the Government-General of Japan in Korea was placed in the new Gwanghwamun Square, which became controversial.

Reporter Ji Yoon-soo.

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Jeongdong Night Tour to visit historical and cultural facilities such as Deoksugung Palace and museums while walking along Jeongdong-gil on an autumn evening.

It was stopped for a while due to COVID-19, but it reopened after 3 years, and many citizens came.

However, the Japanese military police and the emperor’s clothes are hung at the Hwanbokso, which rents out costumes.

[정동야행 관람객]

“I walked as if he was walking. I felt there was a problem with the military police uniform and the emperor’s uniform in the booth. It (the military police) was oppressing the people. Those were the clothes those people were wearing.” n wear them…”

The purpose is to experience the history of Korea’s blossoming period, but it is inappropriate to rent costumes associated with historical pain.

Above all, there was a lot of criticism because it was an event organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

[20대 시민/제보자]

“I don’t understand why it’s not hosted by a company, but in the sense of revisiting the historical significance of Seoul (I did that), and I don’t understand why it’s being exhibited and rented .”

On social media and internet communities, comments such as “It’s no different from lending Nazi military uniforms to Germany” and “Using the word ‘Emperor’ that focuses on Japan is also a problem”, etc.

The real emperor’s clothes were even borrowed once.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “The rental company has added costumes for rental without permission, contrary to the contract.”

However, he admitted that he had neglected the management and supervision.

[서울시 관계자]

(Is there an on-site inspection duty?)

“As the site is complex and we are concerned about safety management. We admit that we have neglected (an audit).”

The event agency acknowledged the responsibility, saying, “It seems that the rental company did it without any problem for profit.”

Earlier last month, a poster reminiscent of the Japanese flag was placed in Gwanghwamun Square, causing controversy, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government got the display early.

This is Yoonsoo Ji from MBC News.

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