Controversy Surrounds Pop Valley Weekly Film Interview with Anson Lo Stealing Spotlight

Anson Lo Takes Center Stage in ViuTV’s “Popcorn Week” Interview

Last night’s episode of ViuTV’s “Popcorn Week” became a hot topic of discussion among netizens due to its seemingly disproportionate focus on actor Anson Lo. The interview, hosted by Gu Dezhao, saw the director and other actors of the fantasy thriller “Brew Soul” take a backseat, leaving many viewers feeling that they were reduced to mere set pieces.

In the aftermath of the release, numerous netizens expressed their disappointment with the biased nature of the interview. They pointed out that Gu Dezhao appeared to center his questions around Anson Lo, raising queries such as “Is this an Anson Lo show?” and “Why interview Anson Lo exclusively?” The prevailing sentiment seemed to be that the director and fellow actors were overshadowed by Anson Lo, with some commenting on their minimal involvement in the conversation.

On the following day, Gu Dezhao took to his personal social media account to address the criticism. He uploaded a group photo featuring all the participants of the interview and conveyed his apologies for the perceived neglect of some guests. Gu Dezhao specifically mentioned Chen Zixuan and Lin Yaosheng, expressing regret for not being able to highlight their contributions adequately. He also acknowledged the interesting anecdotes they shared during the interview, including Zixuan’s involvement with a metaphysics master for personal safety during the filming of supernatural scenes.

Moreover, Gu Dezhao commended Anson Lo for his candidness and quick wit, along with the support of his girlfriend. He reflected on his initial concerns regarding Lo’s participation, fearing potential communication hiccups due to the actor’s entourage and busy schedule. Yet, Gu Dezhao was pleasantly surprised by Lo’s authenticity, avoiding any digressions and providing swift and genuine responses. The host conveyed his gratitude to Lo and his partner, Sister Hua, for their trust and deemed the interview a delightful experience.

Despite the controversy surrounding the episode, it is worth noting that “Popcorn Week” remains a platform that invites guests from both in front of and behind the scenes. This particular episode featured the film “Brew Soul” and gave viewers insights into its making as well.

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Pop Valley weekly film interview| focuses on Anson Lo and other actors become set boards Reply PO Gu Dezhao

ViuTV program “Popcorn Week” hosted by Gu Dezhao invited Cen Jiayan, director of the fantasy thriller “Brew Soul”, with actor Anson Lo@MIRROR (Lu Hanting), Chen Zixuan, Zhu Bokang and Lin Yaosheng as guests last night ( 2nd ), as well as In addition to character introductions, Chung Tat talked about filming secrets and shocking events.

However, after the show was released, many netizens thought that the interview in this episode was clearly focused on the “leader” Anson Lo, and the director and other actors were left out in the cold, reduced to set tables, and it was said that Gu Dezhaojing was asking questions around Anson Lo , leave a message: “Is Mijing visiting AL?”, “CHENGJI Change AL interview”, “Can I scare other guests by interviewing”, “What are other people doing here?”,” Will other people feel good? Embarrassing”, “Zhu Sheng said 5 sentences to the left, the director said two sentences to the left, and the rest is completely transparent…”, “Other guests are sitting empty”, “What is the Director doing? Gu asks AL?”, “Guests are others dumbfounded Not”, “Promoted the routine, but the director didn’t say a few words”, “The routine was not promoted at all”, and “Anson lo’s interview is over, thanks for watching”, etc. .

On the 3rd, Gu Dezhao uploaded a group photo with everyone on his personal social networking website and wrote: “This episode was edited, obviously a few guests were delayed, especially Chen Zixuan and Lin Yaosheng were neglected. It’s very sorry. In fact, they were both in the We share some interesting stories that day, such as how Zixuan found a master of metaphysics to “seal himself” in order to protect himself while shooting supernatural films. Everyone very happy. That’s the sentence again, space is scarce, I hope I’ll have a chance to make up for both in the future.”

At the same time, he also praised Anson Lo for being honest, acting fast and funny as well as his girlfriend: “When I met Anson Lo before, there was a group of people around him, a group of brothers, a group of staff, and a bunch of fans. In addition, people were coming and going in a hurry, so everyone didn’t get a chance to say much. I was worried that I wouldn’t know if AL didn’t talk too much, or it would be slower. This is called familiarity, and the program is already recorded. It turns out All assumptions are unnecessary. AL came to “Popcorn” and expected to achieve the best condition. Not only did he win, but he was honest, he didn’t go around in circles, he was sincere, and he responded quickly. Everything exceeded my expectations, thank you and Sister Hua for your trust, it was a pleasant interview .”

“Popcorn Week” invites the film “Brew Soul” to be a guest in front of and behind the scenes

“Popcorn Week” invites the film “Brew Soul” to be a guest in front of and behind the scenes

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