Controversy with director Tsuyoshi Shinjo saying “OBs all feel unpleasant” Kazuhiro Kiyohara changed the video title, and thumbnails smiled: J-CAST News[Full text display]

By November 19, 2021, former professional baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara changed the title and thumbnail of the video that complained to Nippon-Ham’s “Big Boss” Tsuyoshi Shinjo.

The title of the video before the change was “To Shinjo again …”. The video that straightforwardly expressed his impressions of director Shinjo was controversial online.

  • Kazuhiro Kiyohara (Photo: Motoo Naka / Afro)

  • From the YouTube video

    From the YouTube video “New project” Catchball Life Counseling “started !!” posted by Kazuhiro Kiyohara on November 17, 2021.

  • Kazuhiro Kiyohara (Photo: Motoo Naka / Afro)
  • From the YouTube video

“New project” Catchball Life Counseling “started !!”

In a video posted on the 17th, Mr. Kiyohara mentioned that Director Shinjo appeared at the inaugural press conference on the 4th in a unique fashion with a prominent collar.

“The moment I saw (the press conference), I was a little frustrated.”
“I thought I’d come a little more (dressed). If I became a professional baseball manager, I would come to some extent.”

I pointed out that. Kiyohara also reveals that he does not watch the news on the Internet because each media takes up director Shinjo every day. Also, about Director Shinjo

“It has a history of 100 years in professional baseball. It started with (former giant) Tetsuharu Kawakami. I don’t think the OBs of professional baseball will say anything, but everyone feels uncomfortable. I’m sure they are. Until the players up to our age. I don’t know the younger generation. “

Was complaining.

The video is getting a lot of attention online. After that, Mr. Kiyohara changed the video title to “New project” Catchball Life Counseling “started !!” by the 19th.

The thumbnail of the video was also replaced with a smiling Kiyohara from the photo of Kiyohara with a rugged face. The thumbnail has the same telop as the new title.



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