Conversation with Woochul-Yunmin-Yongkwon about SEVEN STARS and the beginning of a new life in Thailand.


became another project that was very interesting to follow when WOOCHUL (Woo Chul), YUNMIN (Yoonmin) from the band newkidd and YONGKWON (Yong Kwon) from the list BOYS 24 has been selected in the project SEVEN STARS In addition to the three of them, the agency Ganada Entertainment Will select 4 more Thai members to join in the work as well. Fans will be able to watch SEVEN STARS on Channel 3 on July 2, onwards at 4:50 – 17.50 hrs.

SEVEN STARS will feature famous Korean idols with powerful vocals. and very talented theater actors like Kim Junsu (Kim Junsu) to come and give good advice and Park Jihoon former band member Wanna One which was reported from the program Produce 101 Season 2, including JUN. K band members 2PM Let’s make the title song for the show as well. before the start of the race We also had the opportunity to talk with Woo Chul, Yoon Min, and Yong Kwon about the show and their continued impressions.

How did you get involved with the SEVEN STARS project? How did this project come about?

Yong Kwon : Before arriving in Thailand, the 3 of us saw the recruitment of 3 Korean members, tried to apply, and the camp liked it, so we went in.

Yoonmin : We Korean members will find 4 Thai members and when we have all of them we will debut in Thailand. In the show, there is a mentor to practice. I want you to follow me.

We have been working as idols in the past. What do you think is the challenge in this role?

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SEVEN STARS : The hardest thing besides singing and dancing It’s about taking care of yourself in terms of facial skin, weight, and individual image. Especially this facial skin is the hardest as before.

In SEVEN STARS, what kind of competition will it come with, can you tell me?

Yong Kwon : We don’t know the details of the list format yet. But what I know is that there will be playing activities. but did not know the activity That is, we try to ask the organizers. But he still refused to tell. Well, it’s all about reality.

The show featured Kim Junsu and Park Ji Hoon as mentors, and JUN.K performed the theme song. How did it feel to be working with all three?

Yoonmin : He was grateful that his favorite artists appeared on the show. I want to concentrate fully. I like Park Ji Hoon from Wanna One that everyone knows the song “Energetic” He’s very popular and when he comes to work solo, he’s very focused as well, making me appreciate and respect Park Ji Hoon a lot.

Yong Kwon : Let’s start with Kim Junsu. Personally, I really like his songs. As for 2PM’s JUN.K, I grew up during his activities. I have the opportunity to follow his work.

What do you expect to see from the 4 new members?

Woocheol : before selecting 4 people who come with There will be 18 contestants who will have both excellent singing and dancing abilities. and has its own charm and character Which makes us think that no matter who is the other 4 people, coming together should be a lot of fun.

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What are the impressions of the three young men in Thailand?

Yoonmin: What I like will be food. Since living in Thailand, I have been to many restaurants and ate papaya salad. Stir-fried crab with curry powder and tom yum goong and there are many dishes that I want to try. It was a new experience. And it’s what I really like about Thailand. I like the work of Tilly Birds

Woocheol : When I came to the city, I was able to experience many Thai songs. as i like the song “lean” of Non-Thanon Chamroen

Yong Kwon : Thai song, now I like the song “Skyline” (Exclusion) of Billkin (Bukin-Putthipong Assaratanakul)

Finally, what would you like to leave for those who are waiting to follow this project?

Yong Kwon : The program broadcasts on Channel 3 on 2 July (speaking Thai).

Yoonmin : We’re in the middle of filming right now. There are many things that have not yet been revealed to the audience. I’d like to follow up on the show as well.

Woocheol : I want everyone to follow And encourage everyone too. Thank you very much. Please leave me.


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