Cooking program “The Geek Recipe” that invites celebrities in the game industry to start! The first guest is the founder of Arkane Studios | Game* Spark

The publisher of the Slitherine game is launching a series of cooking shows called “Creator, Writer, Director, and other celebrities in the gaming industry.The Geek Recipe” released on YouTube. In this series, Raphael Colantonio, Slitherine’s Chief Marketing Officer, cooks with guests and discovers the secret ingredients that make for great entertainment.

The first was Raphael Colantonio, creative director of WolfEye Studios and founder of Arkane Studios. Making traditional Italian carbonara, he talks about how he got into the industry and his experiences at Arkane Studios.

Arkane Studios 20th Anniversary Trailer
Weird West by WolfEye Studios

Episodes of “The Geek Recipe” will be released monthly. Please subscribe to the Slitherine YouTube channel if you are interested.

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