Cool Uten Clearjad Prapt Patol Not involved in the 3D Forex 3D sharing case, pleads for innocent sympathy

Cool Uten Clearjad Prapt Patol Not involved in the sharing case 3D Forex 3D, pleads for innocent sympathy Connecting famous names with the initials P. to degrade their reputation. not fixing the news

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On October 3 at Thewalai Phra Phichit, Channel 7HD Fat Uthen Phrommin Come and take part in the worship of the drama sour crab mother After the event, he gave an interview on the issue that was driving him. Suwanbang Praptol After being connected to a star, PS About sharing Forex 3D.

saw to support Praptpatol After the famous page opens the name Dara Por.Forex 3D? “Not much. we trust friends Because as far as we know him for more than 20 years. He is a good person, generous, likes to help. He is a real volunteer artist. Accidentally volunteering in more than me. It goes to the foundation, no matter what, if it’s a cool job, ask. Some jobs mean they know we’ll be doing charity.”

“About 3 years ago, I organized a charity concert to bring money to 4 hospitals in Phan District, Chiang Rai Province, my hometown, and 3 schools I used to study. Yupparat Chiang Mai School, Sirimatthewi School, Wat Ban Nong Bua School When he knew about it, he asked to come and join the event by simply asking to come and carry the donation box throughout the event. So I invited him to sing a little. He is a kind person.”

Is it noid?? “No nod. But he regrets that some media have pressed his name. When it was a story, in the end, Por was not Prapat Patol. He said why didn’t he correct the news for him? (He was under stress during that time?) I was stressed, but now I’m glad. during the news I called and said that Prapt had come to eat together, that he was sleepy, and I told him to go out and find him. going to eat together Because we don’t want our friends to be alone. He spoke to us. When he has friends, he gets better.”

You already know who our friends are.? “I believe he is innocent. I mean, he demanded that there be evidence of everything. At first he said if anyone accused him He said he could be sued. But in the end, he is a good person. He spoke and said to let go. Our habits are the same. even if angry to death In the end, when I apologized, it didn’t matter, like when I got the news that I had a mistress. is to sue, then withdraw the complaint.”

we’re getting cold? “No cooling. asking you to apologize to us and then asking you to apologize like when you played us play dead Like that, if we can’t prove the truth, oh my! How will our careers, our families, parents, wives, children live?”

“So I have to say that today Sometimes I don’t know what I want to write and destroy others first. Then come and apologize But we don’t give up At that time, the report was serious. Apparently if you don’t fix it, you’re going to be in jail for two years. They sit and cry with us. Let us withdraw, we will withdraw, but you must write as we drafted for you.”

From experience we have found the power of social media How do we comfort our friends?? “Tell him one word that Prapt is hit as cool as ever. Cool edited by the fact that we have information. We have truths that we can prove. In the end, if he was as cool as Prapt, he would have to do more. Because at least he apologized to us more than he did. In fact, let’s face it, it is defamation. and warned every keyboard troll as their own cause for they came to a great battle.”

Now he was more comfortable.? “It’s better. (Did you speak??) Talk to me. That day, there is a place that says Por, not Prapat. We sent it to him. Sent to a known LINE group. We saw that we were unhappy, we put the news in that line and told PS not Prapt. On the side of the person who used to take it down, tell me.”

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