Cooperation with TSMC for 30 years! Huang Renxun’s “Domineering 1 Reason” promotes deep friendship and reveals that business will increase sharply in the next 10 years | Finance | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Wang Yiqi / Taipei Report

▲ Jen-Hsun Huang, founder of Nvidia, described TSMC’s 30-year partnership with “mutual respect” and a very deep friendship.

Huang Renxun, the founder of Nvidia, came to Taiwan to create a hurricane, and his 30-year cooperation with TSMC is also mentioned, “The Sacred Mountain of Protecting the Nation”. Today Huang Renxun was asked how to describe this partnership. He said frankly that this relationship respects each other and of course has achieved many successes together. “Both of our companies are first class in their respective fields, so we naturally work together, and our friendship is very strong.”

Huang Renxun said that the cooperation between Huida and TSMC is very detailed. Now AI has opened the “new era of computing” We have studied and established the technology for more than 20 years, and now it is becoming the mainstream demand . is accelerated computing and productive AI, a turning point. In the next 10 years, the business that Huida and TSMC have cooperated will grow significantly, and all the technologies that we have built together in the past 10 years have now reached the mass production stage, “so I’m very excited about this.”

It was asked if geopolitics affects development? Huang Renxun responded “Of course”, geopolitics has many aspects, but what really affects us is export control, and we must do our best to ensure compliance with export control regulations.

Huang Renxun said frankly that many international companies are expanding semiconductor cooperation with Taiwan because Taiwan is very good at this technology. Taiwan is the center of global semiconductor technology and the center of global computing technology. This is the cornerstone and foundation of the global IT industry, which is why we all work with companies in Taiwan.

Huang Renxun said that only TSMC produces Huida's H100 graphics processor.  (Photo / flip from TSMC official website)

▲ Huang Renxun said that only TSMC produces Huida’s H100 graphics processor. (Photo / flip from TSMC official website)

Huang Renxun said that only TSMC produces the Huida H100 graphics processor. ) also have close cooperation in chip manufacturing, memory technology and many other areas.


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