Coordinated prevention and control in the central urban area has achieved initial results The risk of community transmission remains The number of new infections continues to rise, with more than 2,000 new infections in one day for two consecutive days_Govt Chongqing Municipal People

On November 15, the Municipal Government Information Office held the 140th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Li Pan, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, introduced that the coordinated prevention and control of the urban urban center area has achieved initial results. The social proportion of newly infected people has decreased after continuously increasing On the 14th, the social proportion of newly infected people in the city decreased by 15 percentage points compared to the previous day. zones) in the central urban area Compared to the average drop, the overall drop was 17 percentage points from the previous day.

There are still a large number of potentially infected people hidden in society

Li Pan reported that between 0 and 12 o’clock on November 15, there were 38 new confirmed local cases and 693 new local asymptomatic infections in Chongqing.

“At the moment, the epidemic situation in our city is still in a period of rapid development, and the epidemic situation is still very serious and complex. From a coverage point of view, there are 41 areas which counties (development zones) in the city have reported new infections, and Hechuan District, Dianjiang County, Xiushan County The epidemic situation in some districts and counties such as Wuxi County and Wuxi County is also developing and is on the rise; in terms of numbers, the number of new infections continues to rise, with more than 2,000 new infections in one day for 2 consecutive days. The number of infected people has reached 2,951. “Li Pan said, with the outbreak of epidemic destruction in the central urban area, the social mobility and consolidation between regions and within the community has been effectively managed, but the flow within the community and between buildings Gatherings still take place to each other, and the risk of community transmission still exists.

At the moment, there are still a large number of potentially infected people hidden in society. The epidemic situation is far from coming to the bottom, and the work of prevention and control must not be relaxed at all. I hope that everyone will continue to cooperate with the implementation of various measures for the prevention and control of an epidemic To the greatest extent, all social risk personnel are screened out, and the epidemic situation is managed to’ r smallest degrees to largest degrees.

Nan’an District has established 10 measures, and the business hours of key supply guarantee companies have been adjusted from 7:30 am to 10 pm

Liu Lu, deputy head of the Nan’an District Government, presented that the district has outlined 182 high-risk areas and implemented control measures based on communities and buildings, so that the society can calm down more effectively and the forces can prevent and manage to be mobilized more efficiently, stand up.

Liu Lu said that after the social situation calmed down, the basic pressure the area faced was the safety of living materials. To this end, Nan’an District has established a four-level supply guarantee market network of “key supply guarantee enterprises + farmers’ markets + e-commerce platforms + community auxiliary supply guarantee outlets”, operating “online ordering + group buying community + contactless delivery” and “Super online business + community distribution” and other procurement and distribution models ensure that daily necessities are available and available, not out of stock, kept on file, and are deliver in a timely manner. At present, the 57 key supply guarantee enterprises in the region are more than three times the normal stock of living materials, which can continue to meet the supply of the whole region for more than 5 days The business hours of supply guarantee enterprises key has been adjusted from 7:30 am to 10 pm.

Under the premise of ensuring the prevention of the epidemic, there are 55 production enterprises in the region that really need to start production under closed control, and a total of 1,053 “white list” tickets have been issued.

In addition, Nan’an District has established and improved 10 measures to guarantee services for the needs of the masses, unblocking the 12345 hotline, Zhangxin Nan’an App, WeChat Nan’an official account, and various towns, streets and helplines communal. ■ The command and control community assigns 1-2 special personnel to be responsible for gathering and handling the requirements of the force.

“Nanhu community has a permanent population of nearly 13,000 people, and we have strengthened the service guarantee for residents in closed areas. “Yu Jian, Party Secretary of Nanhu Community, Huayuan Road Street, Nan’an District, gave the example of Building B of Diamond Age Community in this jurisdiction identified as a high risk point After sitting, the community organized the daily living material needs of more than 470 people in the building, established a living material safety group in time, and guided residents to buy the necessary materials in advance, and the supermarket delivered them to the live material transfer station in the building in two time slots each day. , were handed over to 4 volunteers and delivered to the residents’ doors on time according to the floor. At the same time, an emergency nucleic acid sampling team was established to conduct door-knocking operations to provide door-to-door sampling services to the elderly living alone and residents with limited mobility.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University provides green channels for on-site registration, and ordinary outpatients bring a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate.

During the epidemic, how to ensure the usual medical treatment for the masses? According to Xu Ping, Party Committee Secretary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, starting from the evening of November 11, 2,821 medical staff in the hospital voluntarily returned to the hospital, excluding the medical staff who were sealed away. high risk areas, and currently living in hospital.

The hospital party committee held a voluntary service activity “Party flies, the pioneer has for me” a voluntary service activity for members of the Communist Party, organized hospital volunteers and community volunteers to connect, prescribe medicines for chronically ill patients the medicines were prescribed for them in the community, and he ensured that residents can get them without going out for medicine. Special channels are opened for patients with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hemodialysis, and special areas are set up to ensure continuous treatment for patients without interruption.

In terms of optimizing the medical treatment process, all outpatient clinics, inspection appointment registration, and appointment inspection remain fully open, and green channels are provided for on-site registration. Citizens can also obtain and print a full set of medical examination reports directly online.

Xu Ping said that citizens can make an appointment through the WeChat public account of “No. 1 Heavy Medicine Hospital” or by calling 96320 or 4006219120, and go to the hospital to pick up the number half an hour in advance according to the appointment time and wait for the doctor. Patients attending general outpatient clinics should bring a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate, and those in hospital should prepare a 24-hour negative nucleic acid certificate.

Those who plan to go to the hospital for a follow-up visit to prescribe medicine in the near future can search the WeChat mini program “Zhongyi Hospital First Hospital Internet Hospital” on the Internet, and then follow-up visits and prescriptions can be made online, and the medicine will be delivered to the community where the patient lives by express delivery.

Currently, 10,383 asymptomatic infected people are isolated in hospital for medical observation, and 1,278 confirmed cases are isolated and treated in hospital.

According to Li Pan, as of 12:00 on November 15, there are currently 10,383 asymptomatic infections in Chongqing under medical observation and isolation in the hospital, and 1,278 confirmed cases are undergoing central isolation treatment in the hospital, of which 1,249 are mild cases, 26 cases were of a common type and 3 cases of a serious type All patients were in a stable condition.

“Controlling movement in the central city area is by no means controlling medical treatment.” Li Pan said that in order to ensure the smooth medical order during the epidemic prevention and control period, especially to ensure the urgent medical needs of seriously ill patients and special groups, the Municipal Health Commission requires all departments in the city i All kinds of medical institutions at all levels should open the “green channel” for emergency first aid, improve the medical treatment process and emergency plan for patients with various diseases, and make every effort to ensure medical treatment; Joint prevention and management, grasp the knowledge of key groups such as pregnant women, newborns, patients requiring hemodialysis, tumor chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the jurisdiction in advance, strengthen health monitoring and health management, optimize the process , and ensure traffic.

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