“Coordinating responses in case of North Korean nuclear test, close cooperation”

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The White House said the leaders of Korea, the United States, and Japan had consulted closely on how to jointly respond to North Korea’s seventh nuclear test, and were working on specific measures.

Correspondent Lee Yong-joo in New York.

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“According to the instructions of the leaders of the three countries, we are intensively discussing ways to jointly respond to North Korea’s nuclear test,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a briefing on the presidential plane.

I didn’t say anything about the details.

[제이크 설리번/백악관 국가안보보좌관 (에어포스원 브리핑)]

“We are making very intensive sectoral responses, and we are coordinating very intensively between the three countries. But the presidential plane is not the place to advertise that.”

Through a joint statement, the three countries condemned North Korea’s recent military action and emphasized that the international community would react strongly if there was a nuclear test.

He also urged North Korea to return to negotiations, but this appears to be a principled comment.

This is because ‘denuclearization’ appears only once in the statement, while the main interest of the United States is interpreted as focusing on the Indo-Pacific strategy.

‘Indo-Pacific’ was included 16 times in the entire statement, including the title, and a phrase welcoming Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy was also included separately.

[제이크 설리번/백악관 국가안보보좌관 (에어포스원 브리핑)]

“The main focus was how the United States can build a positive force for development, stability and more in the Indo-Pacific region.”

The White House also confirmed that they discussed the Inflation Reduction Act with discriminatory provisions for electric vehicles in Korea, but the wording was different from ours.

The White House announced exclusively that “the United States presented an ambitious goal to solve the climate crisis through the Inflation Reduction Act, and the leaders of the United States and South Korea discussed the role of businesses in both countries.”

Regarding the agenda of the US-China summit this afternoon, he said, “I am ready to compete with China, but I will not pursue a dispute.”

He said he was willing to join in some areas, but he also predicted a tough fight by saying he would make it clear that all countries should follow the rules and refrain from threats.

This is MBC News Lee Yong-ju from New York.

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