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Corona 19 vaccination in full swing, introduction of vaccine leave Where are pharmaceutical companies?

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[의학신문·일간보사=안치영 기자] As the coronavirus infection-19 vaccination, such as the remaining vaccination, is in full swing, more and more pharmaceutical companies are considering introducing a vaccine vacation following vaccination.

While most companies are reviewing, some pharmaceutical companies are encouraging vaccinations by formulating paid vacations and providing encouragement.

According to the pharmaceutical industry on the 31st, it is known that most pharmaceutical companies are considering or have already introduced a plan to pay paid leave after their employees’ COVID-19 vaccination.

Boryeong Pharmaceutical is one of the most actively introducing and operating the Corona 19 vaccine vacation system.

In the case of Boryeong Pharmaceutical, through an in-house notice on May 27th, it has announced that it will pay two days of paid leave for employees who vaccinate the Corona 19 vaccine.

Employees who have been vaccinated against the Corona 19 vaccine are also given encouragement from the company. This is a way to encourage vaccination.

GC Green Cross also decided to pay two days of vaccination leave earlier this month, and is in fact operating a vaccination leave system.

Kolmar Korea Holdings recently decided to grant paid leave on the day or the next day of the COVID-19 vaccination for employees of Kolmar Korea. In other words, paid leave is applied only for one day.

As such, some companies are already introducing and operating vaccine vacations, but most pharmaceutical companies are still considering introducing vaccine vacations. Some companies recommend using annual leave.

A representative from Daewoong Pharmaceutical said, “Currently, there is a culture that uses annual leave autonomously.” “Currently, we are considering introducing a vaccine vacation system.”

In contrast, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and bio-venture companies are skeptical about the introduction of vaccine leave. Some of the executives are negative about the introduction of vaccine leave, saying that it is possible to solve it using annual leave, and even among employees, there is an atmosphere that it is fortunate if they do not go to work the same day after the new vaccination due to the chronic shortage of personnel in the company.

Considering that returning to daily life after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination may be a burden, the government has prepared a plan to revitalize the vaccination leave from last April, and is recommending that leave rules be actively given only when adverse reactions occur. .

It is possible for a maximum of 2 days, and the government recommends and instructs that leave can be granted only by applying for vaccination without supporting documents. It differs from general sick leave in that it does not require supporting documents.

The use cases for these vaccination leave are expected to increase gradually as the target group for COVID-19 vaccination, such as residual vaccination, gradually expands.

In this regard, an employee in the pharmaceutical industry said, “Most large companies are already announcing that they are implementing a paid leave system, but some companies in the pharmaceutical industry are reviewing and delaying the decision.”

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