Corona vaccine developed at Oxford University shows immune response even in the elderly

Enter 2020.11.19 20:22 | Revision 2020.11.19 23:58

The coronavirus infection vaccine, which is being developed by a research team at Oxford University in the UK, has also been shown to be effective in the elderly. There was hope to protect the elderly with weak immunity from corona.

British Prime Minister Johnson visited the Jenner Institute at Oxford University in September. /AP=Yonhap News

According to the BBC broadcast on the 19th (local time), a research team at Oxford University published the results of a phase 2 clinical trial involving 560 volunteers in the medical journal Lancet. The research team conducted the test by dividing the ages into 18-55, 56-79, and 70-year-olds.

As a result of the test, the Oxford University vaccine showed a neutralizing antibody response in 99% of volunteers of all age groups including the elderly after the second dose. This is contrary to the fact that vaccines against various diseases generally have less protective effect in the elderly than in the young and elderly.

T cells peaked two weeks after the first vaccine dose. T cells contribute to immunity by identifying and destroying cells already infected with the virus. Scientists say that for the vaccine to be successful, both antibodies and T cells must be produced that block the virus from entering the cells.

Dr Maresh Ramasami, an investigator of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said, “Elderly people are the first targets for corona vaccine, but the reaction is usually low.” .

According to the research team, serious side effects related to the vaccine have not yet been observed. However, it is still necessary to confirm whether the immune response shown in the test can provide a protective barrier against the actual virus.



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