Corona’s ‘new vaccine’ from October, flu vaccination starts

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Moderna’s improved vaccine that can respond to the Omicron mutation will be used for vaccination in Korea from next month.

Priority is given to the elderly over 60, residents of nursing homes and facilities, and employees.

This is reporter Lee Jun-beom.

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Winter vaccination is recommended for the elderly over 60, associated people such as nursing homes, people in their 50s and those with underlying diseases, and health care workers.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 49 can fit if they wish.

Moderna’s improved vaccine with better mutation response effect by adding Omicron BA.1 antigen is used for this vaccination.

Currently, approximately 1.61 million doses have been delivered, and the quarantine authorities decided to start vaccinating the vulnerable groups.

First of all, the elderly over the age of 60, those with weak immunity, and users and workers of facilities that are vulnerable to infection will be vaccinated from next month.

It is intended for people who have passed 4 months from the date of the last vaccination or the confirmed case.

Precautions will be taken from the 27th, and the vaccination will start from the 11th of next month in medical institutions.

Ages other than the 1st priority can receive the vaccine by keeping the residual vaccine.

The quarantine authorities emphasized that people who are vulnerable to health damage should actively participate in booster vaccinations in order to prepare for a re-influenza in the winter and a flu epidemic at the same time.

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“I ask the public to take an active part in vaccinations in accordance with the guidance of the government and local governments.”

The free flu vaccination starts today, starting from 6 months to 9 years old who get the flu vaccine for the first time.

This is Lee Jun-beom from MBC News.

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