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Mainland Center / Xu Yuanxin report

A company in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, recently reported that a female worker named Peng went out to move her car during work, and was later punished by the company’s supervisor for “leaving her job without authorization .” He jumped 50 times. Peng Nv expressed dissatisfaction that it only took a few minutes to move the car, and the supervisor asked her to jump frog in high heels in front of more than 30 colleagues, which also caused her muscle strain.

According to a report by the Chinese media “Jing Shi Live”, Peng Nv worked in the sales department of Poly City Yunting Stage 7. The post arrived before 9 am and tidied up her appearance. Later, Peng Nv went out to move the car for a few minutes. On the grounds that she had left her job without authorization, she physically punished Peng Nu for jumping frogs 50 times, while Peng Nu jumped frogs in high heels in front more than 30 sales colleagues.

▲Peng Nv was punished by the supervisor for jumping 50 times because she went out to move the car during working hours. (Photo / flip from Jingshi’s live broadcast)

The report pointed out that the day after Peng was physically punished for leaping frogs, the company did not allow her to receive customers, but Peng reported the situation to the company, but the company responded coldly, ” This is a trivial matter.” After Peng was suspended from work, she was unable to pick up customers to make money, and her jumping frogs also strained her muscles, making it difficult for her to go to up and down the stairs.

Peng hopes that the sales manager will apologize publicly and make up for the wages and mental compensation over the past few days. The manager surnamed Hu strongly stated that the reason for the punishment was to leave the job without authorization, and the punishment included a skipping rope. Manager Hu also revealed that the decision to suspend Peng was because she hid in the restroom to sleep during work, and secretly played with her mobile phone at work.

Manager Cai, the person in charge of the third party sales company where Peng Nv works, pointed out that their sales company belongs to Party B, and the Poly City developer where Manager Hu works is Party A .The two parties are in a cooperative relationship, and their sales behavior should be under their authority Manager Cai said “the company will make other arrangements for her”.

Li Honghua, a lawyer from Hubei Xinwei Law Firm said, if unreasonable corporal punishment is required by a senior official in the workplace, we can refuse it. It is recommended that Peng Nu complain to the labor supervision department to protect his own rights and interests.

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