Corrections explain the imprisonment of “world class killers”, 24-hour surveillance to prevent controversy

MGR Online – Bangkok Special Prison Commander Revealed that there are measures to monitor important prisoners after receiving “world-class killers”, because in case of quarrels, there are steps to follow international standards

Today (May 30), Mr. Natthee Thongplad, Commander of Bangkok Special Prison Revelations died in the case of correctional officers accepting Mr Matthew DUPRE (Matthew DUPRE), who was accused of using firearms to shoot Jimi Sandhu, an Indian, in the Phuket area in February 2022 in extradition status. and is a member of a transnational organized crime syndicate Detained in the Bangkok Special Prison yesterday (May 29) that the usual management of prisoners in all prisons has measures to monitor dangerous people. According to correctional regulations, such as closed-circuit cameras, the distribution of prisoners for security in the prison There are more than 100 foreigners and are locked up with Thai suspects​​​​​​ usually after separating the border. If there is fear that there will be a row, there will be a security officer to monitor and maintain peace and order 24 hours a day, ready to carry out duties in accordance with the system and procedures for preventing incidents in accordance with international standards.

“However, such prisoners must have their backgrounds checked. fingerprints Physical examination and COVID-19 Before being sent to the standard quarantine isolation room for 5 days, then moved to the bubble room for another 5 days, a total of 10 days. including the Board of Directors will consider as appropriate again,” said Mr Nasti.