Corrections officers took Rung Panassaya with EM before being temporarily released from prison.

On December 1, 64, reporters reported that at 3 p.m. today, corrections officers brought Ms. Panassaya Sitthichirawatanakul or “Rung Panassaya”, the accused of the offense under Section 112. Leaving the Central Women’s Prison Bangkok Special Prison to attach an ankle bracelet (EM) at the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court before being temporarily released After the defendant’s attorney filed a request for temporary release during the trial, he claimed that the defendant was a student and needed to pass the exam to complete his studies. will not escape or cause any other misfortune Therefore, the court has ordered a temporary release from today until 12 Jan. 21, by stipulating conditions prohibiting the defendant from doing activities or causing a disturbance to the monarchy, or participating in rallies that cause chaos in the monarchy. the country, do not go out of the dwelling all the time unless there is a necessity for medical treatment go to study and take the exam to contact government officials at other courts or other causes with permission from the court and prohibited from leaving the Kingdom without collateral but if the insurance contract is breached, a fine of 90,000 baht

until 8:00 p.m. at the front of the Central Women’s Penitentiary Corrections officers released Rung Panassayat with his family. Father and mother drove the car to pick me up. Then told the press that Leave the media to help monitor the situation at the court. And the prison closely because friends are very quiet like Benja. Apun has been in prison for over 50 days and Penguin Prit Chivarak has been in prison for more than 100 days but has not been granted bail.

While a large gathering of the people’s groups that will be held in December, details are not yet known. As for his opinion on the temporary release under five conditions, Rung simply replied that “Conditions that arise It was clear that we were completely prisoners.


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