‘Cottage Meeting’ Im Seong-eon, 3rd year yacht player → Heavy equipment certification challenge

Seong-eon Lim / Courtesy of ‘Free Dr. M’ © News1

Im Seong-eon, who is called the goddess of the meeting program, reveals the current situation.

Im Seong-eon, who is called the goddess of the past meeting program, will appear on the information show ‘Free Doctor M’, which will be broadcast on tvN STORY and tvN at 9 am on the 18th.

The free daily life of Im Seong-eon is revealed through ‘Free Star’, which is a corner in ‘Free Doctor M’, where ‘Free Star’ finds the present of stars who are curious about the current situation, who are enjoying a free life away from the glamorous entertainment world. Im Seong-eon, who appeared as a million-dollar dimple goddess in the KBS ‘Cottage Meeting – War of the Roses’ meeting program, captured the hearts of men such as Kim Sang-hyuk and Sung Si-kyung. It is said that his appearance alone made the studio atmosphere bright enough to surprise the MCs because he still has a beautiful appearance.

He worked as a model while filming commercials with Won Bin and Bae Yong-jun, who were the greatest stars of the time, and was cast and appeared on a meeting program. In particular, it was revealed that he was the first star produced by the so-called ‘Na Young-seok division’, such as PD Na Young-seok and writer Lee Woo-jung.

Im Seong-eon, who is currently on a hiatus for a while, continues to take on unexpected challenges, making him curious about his daily life. First, he became interested in yachts, obtained a license, joined an amateur team, and reported on his current status as a yacht player in his 3rd year. For three years, he worked with his teammates to establish himself as a key member, competed in several competitions, and even achieved second place in international competitions. You can also see the professional appearance of Im Seong-eon, who plays the role of a ‘trimmer’ who changes the direction of the sail within the team.

Seong-eon Lim did not stop challenging. Having a lot of interest in learning in various fields, she is expected to challenge heavy equipment certifications after holding certifications such as bus, large trailer, yacht piloting, radio operator, and scuba diving. Expectations are high that he will show off his high-level forklift and excavator driving skills. Here, he dreams of standing on the musical stage and is preparing hard, attracting attention because he is planning to show a singing voice with a clear and pure voice.

Im Seong-eon’s 24-hour free daily life can be seen in ‘Free Doctor M’, which will be broadcast on tvN STORY and tvN at 9 am on the 18th.

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