Cough, tired, chest pain! Check out the symptoms of Long COVID when the disease gets better but the illness is not over.

Despite the precautionary measures against COVID-19 Many countries, including Thailand, are starting to relax. so that people can return to normal life But doctors of regenerative medicine and respiratory medicine continue to warn the people of Thailand to be vigilant about COVID-19. Because the same concern is the residual illness after recovery. or what we call Long COVID

Many people who follow the news may have heard about the symptoms of Long COVID. But you may not know exactly what it is. how dangerous And can we avoid it? The more Thailand is in the rainy season. Even more confused about the discomfort. Shortness of breath because we have symptoms of Long COVID or the jackpot repeats. Or do you suffer from another disease?

A free gift from a disease that no one wants.

“Currently, the exact cause of Long COVID’s symptoms is unknown, but it is medically hypothesized that it could be caused by viral residues that stimulate the immune system. It causes inflammatory reactions in various systems,” said Dr. Yada Luisaroen, a physician specializing in respiratory diseases and critical conditions. internal medicine center Wimut Hospital explained, “Of course, those infected with COVID-19 Everyone is at risk But most of us find Long COVID in women more than men. The risk groups are the elderly or overweight. (Body mass index greater than 30), the high risk group are those with underlying diseases such as heart disease, stroke. chronic lung disease, kidney disease, or immune deficiency Especially the group of patients with severe symptoms or complications during treatment for coronavirus. such as having a lung infection or pneumonia This group will also be at high risk of developing Long-lasting COVID.”

Self determine if we have COVID Long It is difficult But if within 3 months after we recover from covid If any other symptoms persist for more than 4 weeks, suspect it and go to the hospital for a test for Ship COVID.

“Long COVID can manifest itself in many systems. Therefore, we should check to be sure that it is a symptom of other complications or not, for example, some people have chest pain. It can be caused by conditions related to heart disease But most are respiratory complications. cause pneumonia Or some people cough, get tired easily, chest pain, or when they make themselves tired. They may have lower oxygen levels than normal. People with these symptoms are advised to seek medical attention for complications after contracting the coronavirus and undergo pulmonary rehabilitation. for the lungs to heal and strengthen,” explains Dr. Yada Louicharoen.

How to treat Long COVID, can it be cured?

Since the vast majority of people tested for Long COVID are those with pulmonary respiratory complications, treatment is primarily focused on lung health care.

Phitchaporn Mekrinthonphan, MD. A doctor specializing in rehabilitation medicine Rehabilitation Center Wimut Hospital said, “For Wimut Hospital Physical and pulmonary rehabilitation during a long COVID is aimed at reducing the symptoms of residual post-infection symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, or reduced activity. By focusing on patients to return to physical fitness as close as possible before the infection of COVID-19. Of course, each case will be thoroughly diagnosed in order to plan a treatment program that is suitable for each person.”

Vimut Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Package It will start with a low dose CT scan of the lungs to see if there have been any symptoms of COVID in the lungs or other lung pathologies. (Because sometimes a simple X-ray may not be visible. but only through a CT scan) But if the results are within the normal range and there are no other conditions enter the rehabilitation program Starting from testing the ability to exchange oxygen gas during exertion Followed by breathing exercises. ball suction lung exercise by incentive spirometry, a recommendation for exercise to increase overall physical strength Patients admitted to the program in the hospital will be given this device back to practice lung exercises at home with a manual on proper habits, exercise and exercise.

For example, a Long COVID patient at Wimut Hospital When recovering from covids, a feeling of fatigue is still easy. From the past I used to walk up the stairs or go over them comfortably. After being infected and recovering from the infection I found myself having to rest and panting even more after walking the same distance up the stairs. After a thorough examination, it was found that Oxygen Drop after a few minutes of physical exertion, the medical team set a course for recovery, starting with learning the correct breathing method. to allow the lungs to expand as much as possible Continue the program to increase your body’s fitness. for the respiratory system cardiovascular system as well as general physical fitness, recovery and sustainable health.

Many people may still be concerned about whether the treatment is long or expensive. therefore hesitates to see a doctor “Let me tell you not to worry so much. Although the recovery time depends on each case how much the problem is, but in fact the package that fielder recommends Most of the time, it is a one-time visit to the doctor. And the rest is recommended to exercise at home. As for the cases that require continuous follow-up, you are advised to come and receive the program for around 1-2 months only.” Closing

The best way to avoid Long COVID as suggested by both doctors is Don’t get infected with covid! Because it is infected and it is a risk to Long COVID for everyone, but it is even more important to be vaccinated against Covid. because as well as reducing the severity of the infection it can also help reduce the risk of long-term COVID-19 by getting at least 3 doses of vaccination and booster every 4 months. Wear a mask, wash your hands often, still have to follow the measures strictly.

And we will get through it together!

Source: Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations

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