Could Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez become the first female mayor of the NYC?

Ask any political defender about the New York City mayor race in 2021 and win four top contestants: Borough President Brooklyn Eric Adams, Comptroller of the City of New York Scott Stringer, Speaker of the City Council Corey Johnson and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

But New York, who never had a female mayor, might eventually want to break the glass ceiling in City Hall. And there is one female candidate in the wings who would be a big opponent with these four heavy policemen.

Is it Cynthia Nixon? Chirlane McCray? Christine Quinn?

Nope, nope and nope.

Try Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Could the youngest ever member of Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge jump into the next mayor race? Well, for one thing, it would give her some executive experience on her way to a president in 2024, when she will be old enough to serve in the Oval Office.

If you get this very much, ask yourself: What will happen if I tell you in 2014 that there would be a married person, a serial number and a cash payer in the White House in two years' time?

AOC, a Bronx man, through Westchester, is renowned in a wonderful way. Just in last May, she was Alexandria Who? Now, through the identity of a letter, she enters the political panto of FDR, JFK, LBJ and other significant historical figures that can only be found by mutual affidavit.

Like using the FDR master of the fireplace conversation, or JFK's memorable speeches (“Ask if your country can't do it for you – ask what you can do for your country…”), AOC has mastered the use of the media. socially to speak directly to militants voters nationwide. More notably, it has advanced very serious policy ideas – including the best marginal tax rate of 70 per cent of the new, very rich Green Measure, which eliminates carbon causing fossil fuels in 10 years and creating jobs for all and Medicare for All – and has immediately formed part of the national dialogue.

So why would she bring up her national platform for local office? She is a junior member of a slow moving legislative body that confers power based on longevity. Her ideas have been incorporated into the Democratic Presidential policy debate and if a young and friendly person such as Sen Kam Kam Harris or former Beto Oourke Representative becomes president, a new leader of his party could put AAM on stardom AOC. . It could also work with 434 colleagues in the House of Representatives, 100 senators and the craft compromise legislation which can be very satisfactory. You get more attention and you can adhere to your principles more when you are lobbying bombs from outside the tent, rather than talking along with the inside.

In two years, when commuting to DC classifies the Bronx bombings, if the glare of cameras begins to fall and when the frustration of being a five in the background begins to be highly concomitant, AOC could decide. that it seeks to apply its democratic democratic principles primarily to a delightful and high profile world: Five New York boroughs.

With a compliant City Council ready to make stamps on left wing proposals, AOC Medicare for All could be applied to all city residents and direct that all city buildings with solar roofs be retrofitted to New York New Deal. to accelerate. There is a precedent for New York to lead the nation and such major government programs are being developed: Al Al Smith, New Deal, won Foss's New Deal in New York, which employed Robert Moses to build the first state park system. Smith worked with the Legislator state in the 1920s to strengthen workers' compensation and women's pensions and child labor laws.

Comhdháil members have a proud history of moving to Gracie's Lord Mayor; Fiorello La Guardia – whose status as a progressive national leader grew greatly during his fingers – John Lindsay and Ed Koch went all from Pennsylvania Avenue to East End Avenue. It is a natural progression for ambitious politicians who would prefer to be an executive rather than a legislator, a less powerful perch. If he did not receive multiple scandals, the mayor of the former Anthony Weiner Representative was probably elected in 2013. AOC may look at the sites of Senator Seanmer, but why will she stop there when she can experience get critical performance?

However, one argument against AOC is going on the road to City Hall: being a mayor of New York is the most end-to-end job in America. In recent history, Lindsay had run row for president in 1972 and then went out of charge. Ed Koch failed as a governor. After losing his offer for a fourth term, he had many jobs, including as a film critic for a weekly newspaper series (my crazy idea in 1990). The former grandmothers of David Dinkins and Abe Beame became obsolete after leaving office.

Rudy Giuliani held president in 2008 and after a brief moment as the initial campaign was campaigning. Sadly, for his final act, he decided to become a television lawyer for reality TV president. Mike Bloomberg has been running for a president a few times, but, because of this writing, he did not accept it. Current Mayor Bill de Blasio's efforts to build a national profile and presidential campaign were unsuccessful.

That history could say more about the former mayors themselves than the office. Giuliani could not win the Republican nomination as a modest social record with a shameful marital history. Bloomberg is too liberal for Republican primary voters and is probably too preservative for Democratic ones. Koch did not know when his mouth was stopped, especially when he said in his Playboy interview that he is annoying his life to live in the suburbs and rural areas.

With a shortage of female leaders in the New York City government today – the three elected officials across the city are men – and there are no female mayors of 200 years, AOC may want to add a bigger track. . Having achieved the chairmanship of the fourth Democratic House and Queen 's County party, she has certainly met the unrest to date. A historical campaign for fingers may be the best thing to make her a hero and an even greater role model for women.

If there is nothing else, the rent at Gracie Mansion is much cheaper than keeping two houses in the Bronx and D.C.

Correction: Beto O Rourke is now a former member of the Congress. Representative Joseph Crowley was the fourth member of the Democratic phase in the Democratic House. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be entitled to hold a presidency in 2024, as she would do 35 years in October of that year.

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