Could it be an additional 14 trillion won? What small business owners want is “100% loss compensation”

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While the government extended the social distancing for another three weeks, it also announced an additional budget worth 14 trillion won.

This is to provide an additional 3 million won in quarantine subsidies to the self-employed who are inevitably suffering greater damage.

However, the self-employed are protesting against the removal of the business hours limit and 100% compensation for losses.

Reporter Lee Yoo-kyung will tell you.

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The government has formalized the supplementary supplementary budget.


“The government has decided to form an additional supplementary budget by maximizing available financial resources, such as excess tax revenue generated last year, in order to provide more support for small business owners and self-employed people.”

The total size is 14 trillion won.

First of all, 3 million won in quarantine support will be provided to 3.2 million small business owners with reduced sales.

The budget for loss compensation for businesses that have been restricted from business has also been increased from 3.2 trillion won to 5.1 trillion won.

The government announced that it would present a supplementary budget to the National Assembly before the Lunar New Year holiday.

Just three weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance was negative about the supplementary budget.

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“I would like to inform you that we are not considering the formation of an additional budget at this stage.”

However, in the meantime, another 10 trillion won in tax collected due to a failure in forecasting was revealed.

I couldn’t use it and ended up with money left over.

The deputy prime minister again apologized.

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“As the Minister of State, I bow my head and apologize once again for the part where excessive tax revenue occurred due to incorrect forecasting.”

The self-employed protested that the government was forcing only one-sided sacrifices against the extension of the business hours limit.

[오호석/코로나피해 자영업총연대 대표]

“How thirsty must the people waiting in anticipation that business hours be extended have been waiting for that. They would rather just close the door.”

Self-employed groups demanded the abolition of business hours restrictions and full compensation for losses, and announced a mass shave ceremony on the 25th.

This is Lee Yoo-kyung from MBC News.

Video Editing: Lee Jeong-geun

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