Countdown 3 days before VNL 2023 shines 3 stars hit “Italy” that Thai women must have birth control.

On May 27, 2023, the move of the 2023 National League (VNL) Women’s Volleyball Tournament, the first week of Thailand’s national women’s volleyball team. It will be in Group 1, competing in Antalya, Turkey, with the first field meeting Italian national team (former champion) Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 9:00 pm Thailand time

After the Italian Volleyball Association has come out to announce the list of 14 women in the first week of VNL 2023. It seems that there is no name of Paula Ikonu (number 18), who has some ability to hit the pole opposite (back B), excellent and the best athlete on the tour. VNL Tournament 2022

Thairath Sport would like to bring a rubber fan. Get to know 3 women from the Italian national team that are not as dangerous as Igonu If Thai women want to win, they must defeat them in their fists as follows:

1. Alice Degradi (No. 2), 27-year-old pole vaulter, 186 cm tall, with a hitting point 312 cm high and a blocking point 302 cm. In VNL 2022, she hit alone. , blocks 8 and serve 6. She was a fairly good player in her friendlies against Croatia and Canada. with a total of 24 points

2. Sylvia Nwagalor (No. 15) B, 23-year-old back, owner of a height of 179 cm, with a slap point of up to 318 cm and a block point of 296 cm, in VNL 2022. She scored 123 points on her herself, coming from 110 hits, 12 blocks, and 1 serve. In the friendlies against Croatia and Canada, she was one of the most productive players. with a total of 26 points

3. Linda Navagalor (No. 34), a 20-year-old Italian woman with a height of 187 cm, although she was not listed as one of the 25 Italian women’s volleyball players in the VNL 2022 battle, but in the warm- She is a fairly good player with a total of 13 points, earning her a spot in the 2023 VNL first round.


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