Countdown to the Puthupally Election Results: Oommen Chandy’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

Counting of Votes Underway in Kottayam: A Nail-Biting Wait for Oommen Chandy!

Baselius College, Kottayam – The Epicenter of Political Anticipation

The clock is ticking as political enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the by-election in Puthupally, Kottayam. Veteran leader Oommen Chandy’s fate hangs in the balance as counting of votes begins promptly at eight o’clock this morning. The Baselius College serves as the nerve center of this crucial process.

In the customary fashion, the initial focus will be on the postal votes, followed by the electronic voting machines. Within a few moments of the first round of counting, the prevailing trend is expected to come to light.

Anticipating a swift conclusion, it is projected that the final result will be unveiled within a mere two hours. To facilitate this process, a total of 20 counting tables have been meticulously arranged, with 14 boards dedicated to electronic voting machines. The votes from eight panchayats, namely Ayerkunnam, Akalakunnam, Kooropada, Manarkad, Pampady, Puthupally, Meenadam, and Vakathanam, will be tallied and analyzed.

Key Insight from Ayerkunnam: A Stalwart’s Resounding Victory

A significant indicator of the overall outcome lies in the Ayerkunnam panchayat. In the fiercely contested election of 2021, Oommen Chandy secured a decisive majority of 1293 votes. This time around, the respected leader has set his sights even higher, aiming for a lead exceeding five thousand. If his aspirations are fulfilled, his total margin of victory will surpass an incredible 40,000 votes. With unwavering confidence, the UDF firmly believes that Chandy Oommen’s lead will not dip below 30,000 under any circumstances.

LDF’s Hope for Upset: Aiming for a Political Coup

The rival LDF camp is harboring hopes for an upset victory. Puthupally is deemed as the potential site for an eventful reversal of fortunes. If the UDF’s majority can be significantly reduced, it will undoubtedly be a remarkable achievement for the left coalition. Meanwhile, the BJP maintains its stance, asserting that they have put up a commendable fight this time around.

Impressive Voter Turnout of 72.86% Recorded

The by-election witnessed a commendable voter participation rate, with 72.86% of eligible individuals exercising their democratic right. Out of a total of 176,412 registered voters, a substantial 128,535 individuals cast their ballots. Notably, 64,078 male voters and 64,455 female voters actively contributed to this crucial democratic exercise. Additionally, two of the four transgender individuals registered also exercised their voting rights.

Praise for Inclusive Arrangements

Prioritizing inclusivity, arrangements were made for 2491 absentee voters aged over 80 or differently-abled to cast their ballots through postal voting before the election day. Remarkably, 138 service voters were also provided the opportunity to exercise their right through the Electronically Transmitted Postal Voting System (ETPBS).

With the counting of votes underway, the political landscape of Puthupally eagerly awaits its new representative. The outcome of this election will unquestionably have a lasting impact on the future trajectory of this paradisiacal slice of Kerala.

Kottayam: Who but Oommen Chandy? After half a century, only a few seconds are left to answer that question of Puthupally. The counting of the votes will start at eight o’clock exactly. The counting center is at Baselius College, Kottayam. As usual, postal votes will be counted first. Then go to the voting machines. The trend becomes clear as soon as the first round is counted.

It is expected that the final result will be known within two hours of counting the votes. A total of 20 tables have been prepared for counting. Voting machines were installed in 14 boards. Voting machines will be counted in 13 rounds. The votes will be counted on the panchayat basis of Ayerkunnam, Akalakunnam, Kooropada, Manarkad, Pampady, Puthupally, Meenadam and Vakathanam.

It is possible to know the exact trend by counting the Ayrakunnam panchayat. Even in 2021, when there was strong competition, Oommen Chandy got a majority of 1293 votes. This time, Chandy Oommen is hoping for a lead of over five thousand. If so, the total lead will cross over 40000. The UDF is confident that Chandy Oommen’s lead will not fall below 30,000 under any circumstances.

The LDF is hoping for a coup. The left camp believes that Puthupalli will change his mind this time. If the majority of the UDF can be reduced to a large extent, that will also be an achievement. As for the BJP, their leadership claims that they have been able to fight well this time.

A total of 72.86 per cent voting was recorded in the by-election. Out of 1,76,412 voters, 1,28,535 had exercised their right to consent. 64,078 out of 86,131 men, 64,455 out of 90,277 women and two out of four transgender people registered to vote.

2491 absentee voters (over 80 years, differently abled) cast their ballots by post before polling day. 138 Service Voters have been facilitated to register their right to vote through the Electronically Transmitted Postal Voting System (ETPBS).

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