Country – “Globlex” catches the trend of outstanding stocks in the year of the Tiger in the Reopening Play-Communication-Refinery-Medical Equipment group, still attractive for investment.

Monday, January 24, 2022, 7:10 p.m.

“Globlex” catches the trend of outstanding stocks in the year of the Tiger in the Reopening Play-Communication-Refinery-EquipmentMedicine is also worth investing in.

Globlex Securities (GBS) looks at the target of the SET Index in 65, swinging within a frame of 1,550-1,750 points, ready to raise 4 key fundamental stocks –Year’s performance of the year 65 outstanding investment in Reopening Play-Communication-Refinery-EquipmentMedicine with advice to keep an eye on the factorspositive from economic stimulus measurese-country-inflation numbers-Fed meeting – interest rates

Ms. Wilasinee Boonmasungsong, Research Director Globlex Securities Company Limited or GBS assesses the investment direction in 2022 that the economic outlook in the country hasThere is a clear chance of recovery in half.after this year It forecasts GDP this year at 3.7% from the previous year’s growth of only 1.2% under the negative factor.positive from the issuance of stimulus measuresgovernment economy in every industry groupindustry to stimulate spending andmitigate the effects of diffusionoutbreak of covid-19 virus for holders of state welfare cards and fragile groups, such as the half-person project, Phase 4 and good shopping

In addition, the situationCovid-19 outbreak The Omicron species tend toto slow down the violence and can unravel in a good wayincreased when coupled with vaccinationprotection, which can carry out injectionsincreased and began to have injections to stimulate the immune systemon the 3rd needle continuously

The factor from the inflation figuresincreased in many countries believe that it is still in a situation whereEach country’s central bank controlsHowever, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will gradually reduce the QE limit and raise interest rates.according to the original plan that has been sentsignal in the past which may affect the money flowcapital and create volatility forshort term stock market thus providing a framework for the movement ofThis year’s rate is at the level of 1550-1,750 points.

There are also factors thatThis year, such as reporting on economic conditionsof the Bank of Thailand inon January 31, and the first MPC meeting of 2022 on February 9, which is expected to remain high.policy interest rate Although inflation numbersincreased to 2%, but was confident that the National Bankable to control the situation.of the Financial Policy Committee(FOMC) of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) on January 25-26, is expected to continue to reduce the QE limit, still has to watch the direction of the hike.The interest rate will remain the same as the original plan given.Prior to the adjustmentIs the interest rate this year 3-4 times or not?

Therefore, we recommend a strategy to invest in 4 outstanding stocks with strong fundamentals. and the growing trendThis year’s performance growth hasbright direction Led by the Reopening Play group, which is a group that benefits.If the situation of spreading the virusCovid-19 has eased, such as tourism groups ERW, CENTEL and AWC, shopping malls CPN, CRC and MBK, followed by shares in communication sector. This year will seeSensitive in the matter of mergers and acquisitionsbetween TRUE and DTAC, which will result in competition in the industryThe industry declined significantly, thus recommending TRUE, DTAC, ADVANC and INTUCH.

Another group that considersNot less colorful for this year is Refinery Group from the increase ofThe 4Q21 refinery was over 200% to $6 per barrel. Therefore, it is expected that the performance of the stockThis group will be able to stand out.As well, we recommend SPRC and TOP stocks, and lastly, current or trending stocks.Benefit from selling ATK kits in the medical device segment, introducing SMD, WINMED and TM.

As for the investment direction in gold, Mr. Nattawut Wongyaowarak Research Director of Globlex Securities assesses the trend of gold prices this year. that gold prices continue to side way down, speculating that the Fed may adopt an aggressive monetary policyFaster installments to controlInflation numbers because the latest inflation numbers inDecember 2021, the highest in 39 years, at 7%, which will be the main catalyst: 1. May cut QE Tapering more than expected from $15 billion to $30 billion and the latest FOMC meeting Dot Plot pointed to central bank directors. United States9 people will agree to raise interest rates in 65 around 0.25-0.75%.

In addition, the spread of COVID-19 Omicron species At the latest, even spreadingspreads quickly, but the symptomsThe vaccination is mild and the Vaccine Booster vaccination seems to be more effective.Yong enough to prevent such viruses. Therefore, look at the frame of movementMove gold price at 1,650-1,850 $/Oz



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