coup d’etat!? Rebels clash with Burkina Faso’s president

coup d’etat!? Rebels invade Burkina Faso’s president

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coup d’etat!? – On January 24, Reuters reported that President Roche Cabore, Burkina Faso Leader nations in western Africa was taken into custody by armed groups and taken to a military camp After a shooting erupted at the presidential residence in the capital Ouagadougou.

The shooting took place late Sunday night. This happened after the villagers heard gunfire from within the barracks all day long. amid the pressure from the military on the government Claim additional resources for the army to suppress terrorist groups.

coup d'etat!?

Burkina Faso President Roche Mark Christian Cabore (BBC)

After the day’s gunfire in the barracks prompted the Burkina Faso government to reiterate that the military had not initiated a coup. and the situation is still under control. Until there was a shooting at the president’s residence above.

As for the latest situation, it cannot be confirmed exactly what happened. including the fate of President Cabore that any group was taken to where The information from both the Burkina Faso security agency and the foreign corps was conflicting.

coup d'etat!?

The state of the armored vehicles of the presidential parade (Reuters)

However, a field visit found a convoy of President Cabore’s armored vehicles near his home and strewn with bullet holes. with bloodstains in another car Residents in the neighborhood said they had heard loud gunshots throughout the night.

Internet connection in Burkina Faso has also been disrupted. and 3 armored personnel carriers with fully armed soldiers stationed in front of the state television station building

coup d'etat!?

The inside of the car was covered in blood (Reuters)

President Cabore Faced with ongoing protests against Burkina Faso’s expulsion Due to attacks from both Islamic State and ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups cause frequent attacks and the government cannot solve the problem. over the past few months

The latest attack occurred in November. 2021 at the military camp in Inata, Suam region, northern part of the country. At least 49 military personnel and four civilians were killed in the camp, with soldiers in the camp so deprived of equipment and supplies that they had to hunt for survival two weeks before the attack.

coup d'etat!?

Villagers gather to observe inside the capital Ouagadougou (Reuters)

The arrest of the Burkina Faso leader has also prompted a number of people to express their support for the military to seize power to deal with terror groups.

Some protesters stormed the offices of the party to which President Cabore was affiliated. causing the army to announce a curfew from 20.00 to 05.30

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