Couple of different ages, 6 years apart, no barriers No means having the last child, getting lost very hard

As for the husband, it is very bad. It can not be eaten, but we are bad, but we decide to trust the doctor. but also passing It has a small effect on the child. At the beginning, the growth rate is very fast. When there is a COVID charge, it slows down.

Abortion or childbirth?

Nani: The first intention was to give birth. But I couldn’t break it for an hour. Because it is very big The doctor decided Husband stands by the side Every event always

Nanny admitted that At first, I didn’t intend to have children at all. We feel it is scary to worry about people. One life till death I’m not into children at all. One day, he was very lost. There is also a problem with the ovary. Used to be a chocolate seat, never thought I’d have kids But when I do, I’m happy. while her husband said ‘I want to have a lot. But in the end, he came on his own.’

After giving birth, cry a lot?

Nani: I think it’s probably a hormone, Mama Blue, we and each other are always together. and thought that after this we would not live together as two people. And the milk did not come. So it’s Noid again. We said to my husband, if it was Mama Blue, let’s help each other watch the drama more intensely. see us cry

Kan : We cry because we don’t understand why we have to cry. Aren’t you happy to have children We don’t understand.


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