Court grants bail to ‘Pinky’ in Forex share case, presents 5 million warrants

November 30, 2022 – At the Criminal Court, Ratchada Road, at 3:40 pm, the court read the order that the lawyer has filed a petition with warrants to the Criminal Court. Temporarily release Miss Sawika Chaiyadej or Pinky, the 7th defendant.

in court The lawyer submitted a petition to offer the cashier’s check worth 5 million baht to the court for consideration.

The Criminal Court considered and found that Ms Sawika, the 7th defendant, refused by confirming, during the examination of the evidence that she was only an investor, with 8 witnesses in the mouth of the amount as a credible guarantee, granting temporary release during consideration. by insuring the amount of 5 million baht with conditions Do not travel outside the Kingdom If you change your residence, you must notify the court within 7 days and report to the court every month . Until there is a change and the immigration is notified.

Pinky will be released from the Central Women’s Correctional Institution tonight.

For this case, the Special Case Prosecutor 4 filed a lawsuit against Mr. Apirak Kothi share before executive FOREX 3D with the co24 personincluding Mr. Kittichet You should elder brother Sariya Mrs You should mother The court made an appointment to examine the prosecution’s witnesses for the first time. 10 S.c.66 time09.00 n.

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