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Court, Lee Sang-jik’s release of ‘ex officio bail’… Why didn’t you apply?

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Lee Sang-jik, who caused huge losses to Eastar Jet, was released today.

The court made a decision to release the deposit ex officio.

In fact, he did not even apply for bail.

Reporter Jo Soo-young covered the incident.

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This afternoon in front of Jeonju Prison.

Independent lawmaker Lee Sang-jik, who has been granted bail by the court, leaves the prison.

It has been 180 days since I was arrested by the prosecution on charges of inflicting 50 billion won in business losses as the founder of Eastar Jet.

[이상직 / 국회의원]

“(You will be released after six months, so I’d like to ask you a few words of your opinion.) …”

The bail room was made at the discretion of the judge in charge of the trial, without any request from Rep. Lee or a separate bail bond.

The court said that it is a customary bail room that takes place two weeks before the expiration of the detention deadline, and placed bail conditions such as restricting housing and blocking attempts to destroy evidence.

However, some are raising suspicions that Rep. Lee often changed the defense team from the beginning of the trial, delaying the trial and meeting the deadline, so that he was released before the final judgment as he wanted.

[이상직 / 국회의원]

“(You changed the lawyer for the 7th time, but what do you think about the allegation of trial delay?) …”

The executives, who were previously designated as accomplices in extorting company money, also pointed out the founder, lawmaker Lee, as the person responsible for embezzlement and airline insolvency in the relevant trial.

Rep. Lee Sang-jik, who was released with the first trial sentencing in January next year, is expected to appear in court next week without detention.

Separately, Rep. Lee is also undergoing a second trial on charges of violating the election law at the time of last year’s general election.

This is Jo Soo-young from MBC News.

Video coverage: Hong Chang-yong (Jeonju)

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