courtney bright lived six years washing the toilet; The films have many fans; 39-year-old’s monthly income is 30 lakhs – courtney bright mother of two from texas selling pictures of herself

When the fate of the woman who lived washing the toilet changed, her monthly income came to lakhs. Courtney Bright, an American mother of two, earns money by sharing her hot pictures. Bright, a 39-year-old Texas native, makes more money this way than her husband earns working.

Before starting the dating app Only Fans, they used to share their pictures through their own website. She says she hasn’t faced any of the problems that usually come with turning to this type of work. In an interview granted to an international media, she says that her husband Nick is fully supporting her. Know in detail about Courtney Bright.

From cleaning worker to modelling

Courtney Bright, born in Texas, USA, used to work as a house cleaner. After doing this job for six years, he turned to modeling. However, they say that there was no need to look back.

Courtney, who is also a mother of two children aged 16 and 13, earns around 33,000 Euros per month. With this, the husband was able to quit his temporary job.

A dream life with children

Bright says that after stepping into the modeling field, their life circumstances have changed. The couple is now enjoying their dream life with their children, Landry and Elisa. The houses are equipped with luxurious facilities for the children. The luxury home had a swimming pool, media room and games room.

Cleaning worker for six years

He was working as a cleaner for about six years. Cleaning the toilets was very difficult. At the same time, he has always admired models. I dreamed of becoming one of them. She also says that her husband gave her great support. He always said that he was very beautiful and sexy.

Own website

In 2016, this joke turned out to be true. She started her own Instagram page and shared her sexy pictures. It started getting a lot of support from the social media. Later, he started his own website to start Only Fans and shared his own pictures. Once the incident clicked, he would quit his job and devote his time completely to it. In 2018, her husband also quit his job to help. She openly says that she lives a comfortable life with her family.

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