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COVID-19: 18 Jul. 19, 11,397 new cases, 101 deaths.

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Thailand found 11,397 new cases (highest daily statistics), 403,386 cumulative sickness, 5,726 recoveries, 283,910 cumulative recoveries, 101 deaths, 3,341 cumulative deaths – 8 new clusters found in other provinces The factory is still at high risk – The Department of Medicine announced that the vaccine will switch brands from July 19 onwards.

July 18, 2021 The Center for Disease Control of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Administration (CDC) reports the situation of COVID-19 cases in Thailand, with 11,071 cases in the country. There are 318 cases in prison/incarceration, 9 foreign infections, 5,726 more recovered, 283,910 returned home, 116,135 are in treatment, 67,835 are in hospital and 48,300 in field hospital. Severe cases (pneumonia) 3,464, 846 required ventilator, 101 additional deaths, cumulative death toll 3,341 (since 2020), cumulative total of 403,386 confirmed cases since 2020, Thailand ranks 55th. of the world

For the new 11,397 infected people are divided as follows. 8,670 new cases from surveillance and service systems, 2,400 community proactively identified cases, 318 prison/incarceration cases, 9 international arrivals.

The CDC also reported new clusters across the country. It was found that there were a total of 8 sites, consisting of

– Samut Sakhon, at a motorcycle parts factory in Krathum Baen district, 27 people are infected.
– Chonburi, at a beverage company in Muang district, there are 19 cases, and at a sewing machine factory in Sriracha district, there are 13 cases.
– Samut Prakan, at 2 construction camps in Bang Phli district, there are 101 infected people.
– Nonthaburi, at the construction camp, Mueang District, there are 42 infected people.
– Chachoengsao, where a plastics company in Bang Pakong district has 26 cases, and a garment factory in Bang Khla district has 55 cases.
– Chanthaburi, football stadium, Mueang district, there are 12 infected people.

Department of Medicine announces vaccination for switching brands

Department of Medicine, Ministry of Public Health announces changes in vaccination guidelines for COVID-19 for service recipients who are registered with agencies under the Department of Medical Services The person who received the first dose of vaccination was Sinovac at the beginning of July. In the past, this group of service recipients will receive a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, from July 19, 2021 onwards, following the guidelines. for various service units including tracking Systematic evaluation of the alternating vaccine regimen. In order to comply with the change in strains of the coronavirus disease 2019 and to ensure that vaccination is the most effective against COVID-19 and allow people to have group immunity as quickly as possible However, for people registered with agencies outside of the Medical Department, please contact the registered agencies. for further details on vaccination

Sino Farm Vaccine reservations fill up quickly.

Dr. Nithi Mahanon, secretary-general of the Chulabhorn Royal College, posted on Facebook that the booking system for Sino Farm vaccines will be closed at 09:30. Reservations will be opened again next week. with the message that

“Another million has arrived at the same time. with that reported Some people can’t reserve the Sinopharm vaccine individually. Currently 09.30 people have passed the registration, 60,000 people. I have ordered that the system is closed first. Sorry for those who can’t reserve. But about another week will open again. and will expand the road to the reservation entrance system to be wider will be convenient for all parties However, all of them may not be all at the same time. Because from the reports before opening the system, there are almost four hundred thousand people waiting to get into the reservation.

The Chulabhorn Royal College Open to the general public aged 18 and over living in the most restricted and strictly controlled areas of 40,000.

Conditions for booking a Sino Farm vaccination right

1. The booking rate is 1,554 baht, including insurance for side effects. But does not include the injection fee and medical service fee that the injecting person must pay at the hospital that receives the service directly.

2. Reservation of vaccines, 1 right per 1 user account specified by ID card number or passport number. However, the reserved person cannot transfer the vaccination right to another person in any case.

3. People who reserve the right to receive Sino Farm vaccination Willingly and willingly waive the right to receive basic primary vaccines during emergencies under Article 47 of the Constitution and are persons 18 years of age or older who have never been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the event of concealment of vaccination information. To get different vaccines or use immunization vaccines before the appropriate time. Chulabhorn Royal College is not responsible for any direct or indirect side effects. And insurance may not cover medical treatment caused by side effects after vaccination.

4. Chulabhorn Royal College does not accept, change or return vaccines in any case. After the reservation has been paid

Source compiled from: Thai news agency [1] [2] | Thairath Online

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